Delicious Data Transfer

Ever since the earliest days when it had a quirky spelling (I think it was de.l.icious – hmm doesn’t look right) I have loved ‘Delicious’ the social media site.  I was so impressed with the simple notion of having publicly available bookmarks of sites that you could share. Nothing better than recommended websites. Of course there are now a vast array of socially shared platforms but this was one of the first.

Well it was so delicious that it has finally been eaten – but not by a giant company but a newcomer albeit with owners who have been around a bit.  AVOS is a new Internet company founded by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen who, in 2005, founded YouTube, t he world’s largest online video platform.  Before that they were early employees of PayPal so they have some impressive online experience.

The important thing for us users of Delicious though is that it is you have to agree to transfer your stored bookmarks over to the new company or they will be lost.  The current site in its present form will run until July – but quite important to remember to do this or lose data for ever.

Yet Another Reason That YouTube Video Is King For Marketers…

I’ve been banging on for some time about video and how important it is for anyone who wants to do real business on-line to face the camera.   That includes affiliates by the way.

The list is as long as my arm about the advantages of video over all other forms of interaction with your clients and I won’t repeat information available from thousands of other sources – HOWEVER here is a really important new addition to that list. (more…)

Google PageRank Is Screwballs And I Can Prove It

There is a lot that I like about Google – analytics to name but one – but equally they frustrate the hell out of me at times.

However they work out the algorithm for their PageRank is totally screwed up and doesn’t make any sense if you are carrying out the normal rules of the road approach to your website.

I am like many people who develop websites that get uptight about the PageRank of our websites.  Should I be so obsessed with this though – I have clear evidence that Google just haven’t got the importance of websites correct.

PageRank is defined as a measure of the ‘importance’ of a page – importance in the eyes of who? Google?

I have made a decision – I am not going to worry about their page rank any more and here is why.

Google Alert Can Spy For You

Google does have some great services and among them is Google Alert.

All you have to do is to tell Google what keyword phrases you want to be alerted to and they will send the information to your in box – hence the name of the service – clever huh!

I have been amazed how quickly information gets picked up – I know because of the speed it returns my own blog and article entries.

And here is my tip of the day –


Twitter Under Attack By Horned Beast John Reese – Yuck

An argument is raging through the blogs and Twitter at the moment about Internet Marketers and John Reese in particular using Social Media for their activities.

Let me make it plain from the start I am defending John Reese.  He doesn’t need me to do that – he is successful enough, clever enough, and web aware enough to do that himself.  I choose to do that because I want to – just as much as I choose to follow him on Twitter because I know I can learn a lot from this knowledgable Internet Marketer.

Let me come back to that specific issue in a minute though.  (more…)