There is a lot that I like about Google – analytics to name but one – but equally they frustrate the hell out of me at times.

However they work out the algorithm for their PageRank is totally screwed up and doesn’t make any sense if you are carrying out the normal rules of the road approach to your website.

I am like many people who develop websites that get uptight about the PageRank of our websites.  Should I be so obsessed with this though – I have clear evidence that Google just haven’t got the importance of websites correct.

PageRank is defined as a measure of the ‘importance’ of a page – importance in the eyes of who? Google?

I have made a decision – I am not going to worry about their page rank any more and here is why.

Take Adam Eason’s website.  It is about hypnosis and self-hypnosis.  It has content galore on the subject and every conceivable aspect of hypnosis.   It is a very large site with page after page of content about self-hypnosis.  The term self-hypnosis must occur on the site hundreds of times in normal context.  The titles have hypnosis in them and so on.

So it’s importance to somebody who wants to know about hypnosis?  High of course.  So what does Google think?

It used to be PR5 then a few months ago slipped to PR4 and now totally inexplicably the home page is down to PR3.  So what have we done wrong. Only added more content to the site and carried on normal good website practice.  Scream!  It has a blog. Weekly changing Ezine page. Weekly podcast. Membership area – guess what for people who are interested in hypnosis.

Google sees its importance as PR3 – OK so they are not interested in self-hypnosis – what can I do.

Here is my evidence though that this Google PageRank thing is totally screwballs.

At the same time as I was getting hot under the collar because of the slide to PR3 for Adam’s website I spotted another site that had dropped a point.  The BBC’s website has dropped to PR8.  Suddenly I felt better.

Google has simply got this one absurdly wrong.  I defy anyone to find a better website than the BBC’s.  It is everything that a great website is about.  The content, interactivity, customisation, innovative technology, style and so on are brilliant.  Google says importance only 8 out of 10 for such a content driven site.

Google do not -despite what they say – reward good content or even relevant content.  Goodness knows how they get this one so wrong when they are so good at other things.  I think their PageRank system is farcical and the sooner we all just ignore this flawed system the better.