Is It Google Or Me That Is Going Mad?

I must be in an irritable frame of mind this week.  I have just been wanting to throw my laptop through the window again.  The normal placid happy me seems to have gone on holiday and not taken me with him.

I found myself once again this morning wound up about a tiny thing yet incredibly irritating… (more…)

Google PageRank Is Screwballs And I Can Prove It

There is a lot that I like about Google – analytics to name but one – but equally they frustrate the hell out of me at times.

However they work out the algorithm for their PageRank is totally screwed up and doesn’t make any sense if you are carrying out the normal rules of the road approach to your website.

I am like many people who develop websites that get uptight about the PageRank of our websites.  Should I be so obsessed with this though – I have clear evidence that Google just haven’t got the importance of websites correct.

PageRank is defined as a measure of the ‘importance’ of a page – importance in the eyes of who? Google?

I have made a decision – I am not going to worry about their page rank any more and here is why.

Twittering Has Saved Me Time – Honest

I have been posting on Adam Eason Inner Circle forum about twittering.  It is very hard to explain quite how useful this technology is.  There are some people on there who do a lot and I mean a lot of studying and sourcing the information they want.  Google and Wiki are OK’ish for static data but there is a much more fluid nature to information now.  Searching for relevant information via that old search method is slow, dry, tedious and boring.

Since my entry into ‘Twitterdom’ I can honestly say that I have learned more from others in a fun, social way and been recommended to pinpoint accurate sources of information for answers to my questions.  Sometimes within seconds of asking around.

The thing about twittering is it’s brevity and flexibility.  And if you get things set
up right your twitters get updated on your Facebook, WordPress blog and other social
media anyway if that is what you want.    (more…)