I must be in an irritable frame of mind this week.  I have just been wanting to throw my laptop through the window again.  The normal placid happy me seems to have gone on holiday and not taken me with him.

I found myself once again this morning wound up about a tiny thing yet incredibly irritating…

I was helping someone to set up a gmail account.

Now I have a love-hate relationship with Google – but I have to admit mainly love.  Some of their services are simply terrific, gmail itself, Google Reader, Google Alerts, Google Docs and Google Fastflip (more about this one another time) to name but a few.

However – good as gmail is I can’t believe that they have got about 200 million users.  That means that about 200 million people have persisted hard enough to register an account – no mean feat given this morning’s proceedings.

First hurdle – which is understandable is getting your desired name.  I personally finished up with keithaw777 – which is fine.

And all went well through to the bottom of the form when I was presented with this (CAPTCHA images):

Err NO

Now I must be honest – this was my second effort as I had already failed with one.  I filled in what I thought I could read – incorrect again – hmmmm

Now the problem with failing and refreshing the screen is that you lose some of the data you had put in the form above and it needs typing in again.

Which is when you begin to get wise and decide to just refresh the page – check out the CAPTCHA image – see if you can read it before filling in the form.

Go! Refresh!

Errr! NO  – Refresh

I promise you there is NO trickery – this is what I got – do you believe it!

I did something at this point that I think you should only do if you like beating yourself up or an out and out sadist!

I began to suspect for the first time in my life that I might be disabled in some way and clicked on the wheelchair icon.  I thought I would get some sort of assistance but instead it left me totally bewildered. 
I think and I stress THINK that the sound that emerged contained a random set of numbers.

Besides an eye check up I now realise that I need a hearing test!


WHAT THE ****???


Little Bit Tricky – huh – REFRESH!

Errr?? Noooo – YOU CAN DO IT – Errr?? Noooo

I worked for many years as a nurse and I thought I was pretty good at deciphering poor doctors handwriting.  But this sure has got me beat.

I thought about offering a prize for the first person to get them all right and realised – dugghh – I didn’t have the right answers to check them against.  Yes I am losing my marbles!  Or is it Google

Google are always going on about user experience.  

SO COME ON GOOGLE – what about user experience here.

I feel a Wats-on Slap coming on!! (sorry that might be too much of an in joke)

OK Refresh