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  • Stop Smoking – Who Dunnit Story?

    Stop Smoking – Who Dunnit Story?

    Stop Smoking – A Who Dunnit Story? Some Background First Stop Smoking – Many hypnotherapists making impressive claims regarding hypnotherapy and stopping smoking. Adam Eason (Hypnotherapist, Tutor and Author) wrote an article on his blog about the research: Yes indeed, a fairly well-known UK hypnotherapist who markets her one-hour stop smoking programme actually also […]

  • Hangout With Several People In My Bedroom!

    Hangout With Several People In My Bedroom!

    Hangout in my bedroom.  What is that about?  Funny story.. I can only categorise this blog under life – and perhaps I should add a section called bizarre.  I just love it when things that are unexpected happen – life’s rich tapestry. [I will make a blog post shortly about a training business in America where […]

  • Telegraph, Terry Wogan And Snide Obituary

    Telegraph, Terry Wogan And Snide Obituary

    So there has been an online row about a ‘horrifically sour, snide and patronising tone of an anonymously written obituary about Terry Wogan published in the Daily Telegraph. You’ll have to take the words of the paper I read as there is no way on earth that I would read the rubbish that is printed […]

  • Last New Year Promise To Be Completed

    Last New Year Promise To Be Completed

    Blog updated – Done!!

  • Cat food that can help you run faster

    I received a parcel yesterday morning and as I was busy simply dumped it into the house, not giving it another thought. My wife does nearly all of her shopping online and as I work from home, I am on first name terms with most of the van drivers who drop off packages (oh and […]

  • Simon and His Cat Are Here – Christmas Has Started

    Don’t you just love these festive offerings from Simon and his cat. I wonder what the name of his cat is.

  • Is It Google Or Me That Is Going Mad?

    Frustrating time filling in Google registration form for gmail – where was the good user experience we are always being lectured about by Google?

  • Irritated By My Shampoo

    I wonder if I am becoming a grumpy old man.  Must ask Babs – hmmm maybe not! I find myself increasingly getting very irritated about tiny things.  This morning it was my shampoo – or more accurately my shampoo bottle that got me going. I have been using the same anti this, and anti that, […]

  • Miranda Was Great For My Health

    Laughter is good for you – Clinical Hypnotherapist Karen Brown explains the relationship between laughter and mental health

  • How Best To Sneakily Watch The Ashes Cricket Encounter

    OK – for me this is as good as it gets.  The coverage of the Final Test match at the Oval has just begun on TV.  With the series level this is the decider. Wow – I love it and normally I would be found for five days almost inseparable from my TV, digital radio […]

  • Hand Leg Coordination Drives You Mad..

    I have been sitting here trying to outwit my mind. Came across this from one of my friends on Facebook – thanks Tracey – this is driving me nuts but it is good. Try it.. How smart is Your Right Foot?