Hangout With Several People In My Bedroom!

Hangout With Several People In My Bedroom!

Hangout in my bedroom.  What is that about?  Funny story..

I can only categorise this blog under life – and perhaps I should add a section called bizarre.  I just love it when things that are unexpected happen – life’s rich tapestry.

[I will make a blog post shortly about a training business in America where I am developing my marketing skills.  So no details at the moment.]

However – here is my opening gambit and meeting with David and Jen who head up the business.

I love their approach so much and the way they operate and keep their organisation rolling and growing. There is a set routine and you know where you stand week by week. Every Thursday they have a Question and Answer session with their member-insiders.  (It is annoying that their routine conflicted badly with my schedule of playing badminton in that hour – but I have sorted that now)

I was joining my first one of these Q&A sessions yesterday evening.  I had so much I wanted to observe. I had already found out that David’s team are using ‘Webinar Jam‘ and ‘Zoom‘ which are hangout/webinar software programs that I wanted to know more about.  I knew they also use ‘Infusionsoft’ software and I am wondering whether to move my list from Aweber.  I knew they were going to be talking about a dynamic quiz software etc.

So much to look forward to and just sit down and observe and learn.

So the time of the hangout/webinar or whatever you want to call it approached and it was six o’clock in the evening here in the UK.  There was bedlam down stairs with my family coming and going – so I went up to my bedroom – set my pillows up – lolled on my bed – nice and comfortable and logged in for the first time to Zoom.

All was good and I could see my little picture at the top as an attendee.  Zoom looked pretty cool – but I didn’t want to sit there (or rather loll there) in front of David and Jen the presenters and all the other insiders who I had not met before.

So I clicked on my picture and there was a small menu, and one of the options was ‘Hide’.  Good – thought I and clicked that link.  There I was safe and sound – I can do what I like and enjoy the session.

It got dark and I had to turn the light on behind me – which was probably good.   Why do I mention that?

Well – David started talking to attendees – and still I just observed and listened taking in every word from other insiders.

Then SHOCK – David said and ‘Hello Keith I have unmuted you’   Not sure of the exact words – but that was enough.  What!!!

I had been on show, doing goodness knows what, for one hour in front of all of those people.

I had a thousand and one questions – but to say I was unprepared hardly describes it.  I waffled on about goodness knows what.  I am actually dreading seeing the recording and my comments.

I have been at the internet  for ever – I put up my first website in 1994 when it was in its infancy (a story for another day)   The internet still surprises me every day.  Why don’t I ever learn.

I will put an elastoplast over my laptop camera in future when I don’t want to be seen.

To all the insiders that were there.  ‘HELLO – Keith has arrived’.

Telegraph, Terry Wogan And Snide Obituary

Telegraph, Terry Wogan And Snide Obituary

So there has been an online row about a ‘horrifically sour, snide and patronising tone of an anonymously written obituary about Terry Wogan published in the Daily Telegraph.

You’ll have to take the words of the paper I read as there is no way on earth that I would read the rubbish that is printed in Telegraph FULL STOP.

Rather snide remarks from you Keith.

YES – BUT  the reason I am writing this is just in case The Telegraph wants to write my obituary and I am getting my say in now – while I can.

Like nearly everybody else that has commented I have to say, I admire Terry Wogan and his amazing charity work, and his humour especially when supporting our Eurovision entries etc.

I am sure Mr Anonymous managed to say something kind about Terry but listen to this.  Readers (of the Telegraph let’s remember) took to twitter to denounce the obituary as “half-witted, badly written, score-settling and relentlessly stupid”.

My thoughts but  – well if they are Telegraph readers – that is the norm they should be used to it.

But we are not there yet – here is the main point.

One visitor objected to references to his wigs and psoriasis on his hands.  I  must admit I didn’t know about his wigs or indeed his psoriasis.  It really made my day to find those fact out though (whoops – sorry that was sarcasm slipping in again)

Now back to my mission with this blog.  I can’t think of much but I am sure that the world would like to know the following facts about me.

A reference note for the Telegraph writers – anonymous as you are:-

  • I don’t have any wigs BUT I did use ‘Just for Men’ for about five years.  I stopped when my the hair looked orange — it is very naturally grey right now.  I am sure everybody will want to know that.
  • I don’t have psoriasis but I have had a wart on my leg an inch or two below my knee (right leg)  – a photo can be obtained if you send postage to PO Box 123456789 Poole Dorset
  • Yes I did read a copy of the Telegraph once but gave up the habit immediately.

Anyway I hope my obituary won’t be for some time – so I will have to keep you posted if there is anything new the world will need to remember me by.

Ah the paper boy has just delivered my Daily Star – now there’s a paper you can really trust – off to have a good read.

Cat food that can help you run faster

I received a parcel yesterday morning and as I was busy simply dumped it into the house, not giving it another thought. My wife does nearly all of her shopping online and as I work from home, I am on first name terms with most of the van drivers who drop off packages (oh and also pick up the returns).

Guessing what is in the parcel is a favourite pastime of mine and I am right nine times out of ten. Yes, the parcel delivered yesterday morning was definitely our regular cat food order.

The fact that another cat food order was delivered later on the same day should have struck me as odd, but with no further investigation I plonked the second package indoors.

My wife, Babs, arrived home from work in the evening and I confidently announce that we have had two lots of cat food delivered – but from different deliveries.  It was said in such a way as to suggest, and possibly even with a touch of sarcasm, that maybe she had made mistake – you know, the way that partners that know each other incredibly well jump to conclusions.

The sarcasm was quickly reversed though as my wife opened one of the packages.  From far away in the kitchen I heard her say “Oh yes, the cats are going to LOVE these”.  The package actually was for me, and was the delivery of 20 review copies of Adam’s new book “Hypnosis For Running”.

I was of course quite excited – but also a little demure as I recognised my mistake.

boxofhypnosisforrunningbooksOur cats on the other hand, were not impressed with the nutritional value of the contents of the package.

Sorry Adam, but you have got a negative review from our cats.

Oh well, I’m off to see if I can enter a cat into a marathon.

ticklesx500MAYBE NOT!!!

Is It Google Or Me That Is Going Mad?

I must be in an irritable frame of mind this week.  I have just been wanting to throw my laptop through the window again.  The normal placid happy me seems to have gone on holiday and not taken me with him.

I found myself once again this morning wound up about a tiny thing yet incredibly irritating… (more…)