Telegraph, Terry Wogan And Snide Obituary

So there has been an online row about a ‘horrifically sour, snide and patronising tone of an anonymously written obituary about Terry Wogan published in the Daily Telegraph.

You’ll have to take the words of the paper I read as there is no way on earth that I would read the rubbish that is printed in Telegraph FULL STOP.

Rather snide remarks from you Keith.

YES – BUT  the reason I am writing this is just in case The Telegraph wants to write my obituary and I am getting my say in now – while I can.

Like nearly everybody else that has commented I have to say, I admire Terry Wogan and his amazing charity work, and his humour especially when supporting our Eurovision entries etc.

I am sure Mr Anonymous managed to say something kind about Terry but listen to this.  Readers (of the Telegraph let’s remember) took to twitter to denounce the obituary as “half-witted, badly written, score-settling and relentlessly stupid”.

My thoughts but  – well if they are Telegraph readers – that is the norm they should be used to it.

But we are not there yet – here is the main point.

One visitor objected to references to his wigs and psoriasis on his hands.  I  must admit I didn’t know about his wigs or indeed his psoriasis.  It really made my day to find those fact out though (whoops – sorry that was sarcasm slipping in again)

Now back to my mission with this blog.  I can’t think of much but I am sure that the world would like to know the following facts about me.

A reference note for the Telegraph writers – anonymous as you are:-

  • I don’t have any wigs BUT I did use ‘Just for Men’ for about five years.  I stopped when my the hair looked orange — it is very naturally grey right now.  I am sure everybody will want to know that.
  • I don’t have psoriasis but I have had a wart on my leg an inch or two below my knee (right leg)  – a photo can be obtained if you send postage to PO Box 123456789 Poole Dorset
  • Yes I did read a copy of the Telegraph once but gave up the habit immediately.

Anyway I hope my obituary won’t be for some time – so I will have to keep you posted if there is anything new the world will need to remember me by.

Ah the paper boy has just delivered my Daily Star – now there’s a paper you can really trust – off to have a good read.






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