OK – for me this is as good as it gets.  The coverage of the Final Test match at the Oval has just begun on TV.  With the series level this is the decider.

Wow – I love it and normally I would be found for five days almost inseparable from my TV, digital radio or in car radio – but alas that can’t be the case this time. 

More of that in a minute.

OK – I also understand that there are masses of you out there who think cricket is the most boring game ever invented.  Now I would be over egging it to claim that my wife is as ardent a follower as me but given that she hated the game when I first met her 30 years ago there has been a great conversion.  She can now hold her own when talking through the finer details like the state of the wicket and whether England should have one spinner or two at the Oval.  However – note – it has taken 30 years.

You see – that is the point.  Cricket is such a strategic game that unless you understand all the aspects that are being considered, the weather forecast, the team selection and balance, the wicket condition, the ground and crowd, fielding placements, bowling options, right handers/left handers, confidence based on past results, on and on.  Oh and then there are the rules – which are probably as complicated as any game.  It is a heady cocktail of factors that adds to the intrigue and debate about the game for passionate followers such as me.

So what is my problem?

Well my daughter was 21 a couple of weeks ago and she asked us some time back if she could have a few friends over for a celebratory weekend get together.  Being loving parents – we said “Of course darling – so long as we are at least 100 miles away”.  This weekend there is a Bournemouth Air Festival here and it was that reason she chose this week to invite them over.

So true to our word we invited ourselves to our good friends in Marlow Bottom and leave tomorrow afternoon.

Now this was all arranged a few months ago and what I had failed to spot was that the final Test Match was also on over this weekend.  Now –  my hosts for the weekend are NOT the slightest bit into sport of any kind – yet alone cricket.  So there it is.What a faux pas.

I will be able to get away with some minimal viewing or listening but …  Oh dear.

Twitter on my phone – text updates – smoke signals – aaagghh – I don’t know.

The things we do for our kids.