Cat food that can help you run faster

I received a parcel yesterday morning and as I was busy simply dumped it into the house, not giving it another thought. My wife does nearly all of her shopping online and as I work from home, I am on first name terms with most of the van drivers who drop off packages (oh and also pick up the returns).

Guessing what is in the parcel is a favourite pastime of mine and I am right nine times out of ten. Yes, the parcel delivered yesterday morning was definitely our regular cat food order.

The fact that another cat food order was delivered later on the same day should have struck me as odd, but with no further investigation I plonked the second package indoors.

My wife, Babs, arrived home from work in the evening and I confidently announce that we have had two lots of cat food delivered – but from different deliveries.  It was said in such a way as to suggest, and possibly even with a touch of sarcasm, that maybe she had made mistake – you know, the way that partners that know each other incredibly well jump to conclusions.

The sarcasm was quickly reversed though as my wife opened one of the packages.  From far away in the kitchen I heard her say “Oh yes, the cats are going to LOVE these”.  The package actually was for me, and was the delivery of 20 review copies of Adam’s new book “Hypnosis For Running”.

I was of course quite excited – but also a little demure as I recognised my mistake.

boxofhypnosisforrunningbooksOur cats on the other hand, were not impressed with the nutritional value of the contents of the package.

Sorry Adam, but you have got a negative review from our cats.

Oh well, I’m off to see if I can enter a cat into a marathon.

ticklesx500MAYBE NOT!!!






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