OK I did say I was going to not let the stupidity of Googles PageRank system get to me any more but how can I ignore a client ringing up and demanding to know what is going on.  Dear client I wish I could tell you.

I was complaining in my last post about Adam’s site slipping a point – but just get this.

My client has a website http://careers-partnership-uk.com which has changed from a PageRank of 3 down to 0 – Yes a big fat zero.   This site is all about helping people develop their careers.  It has been about for some time and has high Google position in the search directory for several keyword phrases.

But according to the latest Google positioning for importance it has changed from being reasonably important to not important at all.  How can that be. Tell that to people who have been helped by the company behind this website.

I can only repeat to my client what I said in my last blog post.  Don’t get uptight about it.  Google is making itself look idiotic with its PageRank system and the sooner it is ignored by all and sundry the better.

I really would be grateful though if you are reading this if you would go along to this careers website and bookmark it in deli.cio.us or Stumbleupon.  Careers Partnership UK are a genuine team striving to help people with their careers and they don’t deserve to have Google upset them.

I mentioned that I have a love – hate relationship with Google.  I am sorry to say that the love is diminishing daily.  Google get a bit fat zero for their PageRank system from me.