It may be difficult given the large number that exist – but I avoid as far as is humanly possible negative people.  They are everywhere – especially in the media.  Do journalists have to go on a negativity course to do their work?

One of the best bits of business advice I ever received was – surround
yourself with positive people.  You have only to look around at
successful entrepreneurs to realise the truth of that advice.

Despite my best attempts though I read one of those moany whingeing type of blog entries this morning – (I must admit on a blog site that I usually enjoy) – which prompted me to leave a comment on the site.  The writer is apparently tired of the pressure to join Social Networks and goes on to point out the security problems associated with these sites.

Here verbatim is my comment I left at the site.  
I don’t really know why I am bothering to reply because I try to steer clear of negative people.  

Why this downer on everything!!!

The world is a dangerous place because we have lost our moral way but do you stop going out or living.  

Food is bad for you if you abuse it and eat too much.

I have been building websites since 1992 and have heard the negative approach to the Internet in general all along the way. 

When I was first trying to set up e-commerce sites the high street banks were hopeless – and kept saying the Internet was insecure and they wouldn’t support merchants who were wanting to trade on-line.  That is how the likes of WorldPay and PayPal came into being – simply because the banks were too negative.

Yes the internet has a lot of dark sides but you have to learn to use it responsibly like anything else. 

If I go to London I can choose to go to the Museums and Art Galleries and all the wonderful things that city offers or go to the seedy red light districts.  Because the red light districts exist it doesn’t mean I don’t go to London.

Facebook is fantastic if used sensibly.  Myspace is not my cup of tea so I don’t join it.  Simple isn’t it – there is choice.  To dismiss Social Networking out of hand is frankly ……

I will tell you what – I joined Twitter last week and have through that learned more in one week about marketing than from all the nonsense peddled out all the time by the so called gurus of the Internet.  Why and how? – because I found out straight away who my mentors were going to be on using that technology and followed them.  I don’t choose to follow many – but those I do follow are worth their weight in gold.

Please just get out there and find people you respect and learn from them.  Social Networking doesn’t mean you have to mix with the devil.  When the technology moves on as it surely will move to the next advance.  Very stimulating.  I am sure you will begin to love it.

Please just enjoy life – you only live once – stop moaning.