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  • Great To Be With Positive People So Why All The Negative Stuff

    I just don’t get it – why are there so many negative people everywhere you go? It always amazes me in my business life when I see a really fired up positive speaker at a seminar or conference, just what a reaction he/she has on the audience.  They love it.  You could cook on the […]

  • Get Motivated And Be A Green Shoot Of Recovery

    With so much gloom and doom about and a collective International mindset shaped by negative media coverage of events is it any wonder that individuals lack confidence.  All this negative reporting becomes just a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is now down to individuals to buck the trend and prosper because everyone else is falling in the […]

  • Banish Negative People From Your Life

    It may be difficult given the large number that exist – but I avoid as far as is humanly possible negative people.  They are everywhere – especially in the media.  Do journalists have to go on a negativity course to do their work? One of the best bits of business advice I ever received was […]