Great To Be With Positive People So Why All The Negative Stuff

I just don’t get it – why are there so many negative people everywhere you go?

It always amazes me in my business life when I see a really fired up positive speaker at a seminar or conference, just what a reaction he/she has on the audience.  They love it.  You could cook on the buzz – the room is hot.

So why oh why do we put up with all the negative nonsense that gets churned out by the media and all around us in our everyday lives.

I love positive people – who even when life is in a down period for them personally – shine through because of a mental attitude that is stronger than the downward pressures.

I have not met a really successful businessman yet who could be described as negative.  Success and negative are at different ends of life’s seesaw.

I am lucky because Babs (my wife) as part of her work has carried out courses aimed at helping people in poor situations and low-esteem.  She brings much of that teaching into our lives as a family.

I remember when our kids were younger we had messages posted in various parts of the house.  The kitchen had a label declaring it as a – NO PUT-DOWN ZONE – and as we ate in there it helped keep the peace.  We would all get gentle reminders if we were stepping out of line.  Babs would just point at the sign and say “uh oh!”

Here is another example of Babs positive attitude which came so naturally to her but made me smile.

Yesterday she asked me to take a look at a frame she had bought for a graduation picture of our daughter Zoe.

Empty frame ready for Tom

She added that she had also bought a second one for when Tom gets his – this is two years away.   Now what makes this even more interesting is that unlike Zoe – Tom has found academic work much more of a challenge.  AND –  no wonder.  We only found out recently that he is dyslexic but as has had no help with that. So has actually done very well getting to University anyway.

The empty frame will actually be quite a boost for Tom, as without anything said by us he will know that we clearly expect him to achieve.

A nice positive message.

Wonder if I can pop up the shop now to get a paper and not witness somebody having a moan.






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