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  • Micky Mellon, Shrewsbury, Charles Darwin and Motivating Men

    Micky Mellon, Shrewsbury, Charles Darwin and Motivating Men

    As usual on Sunday I was listening to Sportsweek on Radio 5 and Gary Richardson was interviewing Micky Mellon the manager of Shrewsbury – the minnows who are playing Manchester today in the FA Cup. What a great interview with this great character and thinker.  Charles Darwin was from Shrewsbury   and a quote from him […]

  • Hello Kristina – Found On Facebook

    Hello Kristina – Found On Facebook

    My children – bless them – live with their phones for ever in their hands to keep in touch.   Yes very much in touch – not only with people they meet daily and are friends with now; but also with people they were with at school, university etc. How different that is to the way […]

  • Ever Sent Yourself A Valentines Card?

    I did once. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and thought people would be impressed. It didn’t actually do me any good and I didn’t feel any better. But it did reveal a few things. Firstly, how young men don’t care how much they lie about the receipt of Valentine’s cards. Secondly, how […]

  • Is Valentine’s Day All About Love?

    Yes, of course it is! Love of card sales. And actually, sales of almost anything else you can imagine! Try booking a table for two in a popular restaurant, especially if Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, a Saturday or, like this year, a Sunday. You can find special Valentine screenings of Love Story or […]

  • Valentine’s Day Is Good For Your Health

    Valentine’s Day could be renamed as Health Day because research shows that being in any form of loving relationship is good for your health. We are all aware of the feelings of happiness and joy when we are in a loving and caring relationship; we carry an aura of well-being around with us for everyone […]

  • Why You Should Pursue Happiness TODAY – NOW!

    I was talking to a friend yesterday who is going through a lot of stress and she basically was telling me how unhappy she felt. I noticed that she kept referring to when this happens I will be… If that happens I will be… In other words happiness would happen at some time in the future given certain conditions. As I was talking to her I recalled that I had a book on the subject that had helped me enormously when I was going through a similar period myself. […]

  • Worry Free Zone Here – Thank Goodness For Entrepreneurs

    Welcome to a worry free zone – at least I am making every effort and surrounding myself with positive people. Adam Eason in his weekly Adam Up Ezine throughout September has been writing about ‘worry’ and how to avoid it or at least keep it in check.  And now today a favourite person of mine […]

  • Is There A Stereo-Typical Student? – I Think Not

    Wow – it is hard to keep up with blogging sometimes.  During this very busy August when my kids are home from University and school – when family and friends are visiting –  it is hard to work as efficiently as normal.  However on the plus side there is so much happening that makes great […]

  • Some Of My Christian Friends Think That Hypnosis Is Evil – But Why? – Part 3

    The last time I wrote on this topic I thought I had concluded what I have to say on this subject.  However there was a very interesting and helpful comment from a guy called Mike Reeves-McMillan To get up to speed you might like to see the previous blog entries first: 

  • Twitter Under Attack By Horned Beast John Reese – Yuck

    An argument is raging through the blogs and Twitter at the moment about Internet Marketers and John Reese in particular using Social Media for their activities. Let me make it plain from the start I am defending John Reese.  He doesn’t need me to do that – he is successful enough, clever enough, and web […]

  • Some Of My Christian Friends Think Hypnosis Is Evil – But Why? Part 2

    Let me revisit the question on a Christian Blog that prompted me to articulate my views about the role of hypnosis as delivered in clinical hypnotherapy. The question was:

  • Some Of My Christian Friends Think Hypnosis Is Evil – But Why? Part 1

    I am a Christian, with a background of Nursing for most of my adult life and now working in partnership with a Clinical Hypnotherapist Adam Eason selling a large range of self-hypnosis products. This is the backdrop to this article which I have been intending to write for some time. I have finally been nudged […]

  • Memories Of A Headteachers Daughter And Her Wiggly Bum

    Some years ago now in my profile on Ecademy (internet business networking site) I wrote this: EARLY YEARS Primary School, St Andrews, Halstead, Essex. Apologies to Jennifer (headmasters daughter) for sticking your plaits in the ink well so that it swung like a pendulum painting arcs on your shirt. Earls Colne Grammar School All boys […]

  • Twittering Has Saved Me Time – Honest

    I have been posting on Adam Eason Inner Circle forum about twittering.  It is very hard to explain quite how useful this technology is.  There are some people on there who do a lot and I mean a lot of studying and sourcing the information they want.  Google and Wiki are OK’ish for static data […]

  • Computer Games Are Addictive Because They Are Designed To Be Addictive

    A lot has been written about computer game violence this week because of the much-awaited launch of “Grand Theft Auto IV”, with dire warnings about turning our kids into killers.  On cue – there was a stabbing in a queue to buy the game in Croydon – there see, goes to prove it!! But regardless […]

  • Banish Negative People From Your Life

    It may be difficult given the large number that exist – but I avoid as far as is humanly possible negative people.  They are everywhere – especially in the media.  Do journalists have to go on a negativity course to do their work? One of the best bits of business advice I ever received was […]

  • Thomas Power Linked Me On Ecademy Because Of Twitter

    I get it!  I see what all this twittering is about.  Forgive my obsession with Twittering this week but this has really impressed me. I won’t go through chronologically what I have been up to on Twitter because you can go to and follow me. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up […]

  • Twittering With Ed Dale and John Reese

    I am Twittering and not totally sure why yet but I am taking advice. But first of all let me explain how this has come about. I am totally changing things around here. I am absolutely fed up to the back teeth with all the hypey, must have 5 minute wonders that pass as major […]

  • BBC And Mind Games

    One of my favourite websites is produced by the BBC who most of you will know is a major public broadcaster in the UK.  The scale of the operation to keep this website up to date requires a lot of staff – and they don’t disappoint. 

  • Hypnosis For Erectile Dysfunction

    OK I am going to tackle head on (no pun intended) a subject that most people don’t have a chat about every day.  Male impotence (erectile dysfunction). The reason is that I have just received a message saying how much Adam Eason’s hypnosis product “Your Brain In Your Underwear” for erectile dysfunction had changed his […]