Let me revisit the question on a Christian Blog that prompted me to articulate my views about the role of hypnosis as delivered in clinical hypnotherapy.

The question was:

What does the bible say about hypnosis? My sister is involved in this and I’m not sure what to tell her when she talks to me about it. I don’t think it’s right but can’t find anything to support my answers.”

Time and time again I see my fellow Christians take this approach – in essence they are saying – I have a hunch and want to find something in the bible that supports me in this. Among the many comments in reply to this question there were quotes from the scriptures, but taken totally out of context. If you try hard enough you can find a few words in the bible to support almost anything as long as you don’t take too much notice of the original context.

As I pointed out – I hope forcefully in the first part of this article – hypnosis is NOT about one person controlling another. It is all about YOU the individual getting control of YOUR own mind and banishing from YOUR sub conscious the effects of trauma, addictions, habits, bad experiences or external control from the past which is affecting YOU in a negative way till this day.

At the start I pointed out that for much of my adult life I worked as a registered nurse. I can tell you that much of medicine is far more controlling and questionable in ethical terms than I have ever witnessed with hypnosis.

I believe that the practice has stopped now – but I was nursing at a time when doctors were performing EEGs for certain psychiatric conditions – which is basically sedating the patient and passing a quick electrical charge through the brain with the resultant killing of certain brain cells. Well if is sounds barbaric – I truly believe it is. I won’t say any more on that one.

That is an extreme example – but I think there are many questionable medical and medication practices that are also carried out in the name of medical and scientific advance. Medicine however continues to get a predominantly favourable media attention.

I digress slightly but the point is that I can’t see why the perception of medicine is so positive whereas a non-invasive and predominantly self directed process, self-hypnosis, is so maligned.

Back to the scriptures.

I am reading a great book which makes a good read whether you are a Christian or not. It is a book simply called “TEN” by J. John – Living The Ten Commandments In The 21st Century.

It is a fascinating read – and boy – if we could come anywhere near to living our lives to God’s desired standards what a rich world we would have.

Imagine for example just following one of the laws – you shalt not give false testimony. How different would our world be if all of mankind could live without lies. Crimes would be impossible as one example – just think for a moment what impact that would have and where we could save ourselves billions of pounds.

The point I am really coming to though is that the Christian laws have been handed down by God to Moses and that is what we as Christians should aspire to. I do not see one word in the 300 words in Exodus that make up the Ten Commandments that could possibly be used to condemn hypnosis.

I am proud of my association with Adam Eason, an extraordinarily intelligent and talented hypnotherapist. Believe me when I say I would not be involved with his website and marketing if there was anything the slightest bit morally or ethically wrong. I have witnessed first hand that he has helped so many people with psychological and clinical conditions – often after doctors have failed or not been able to help them.

I only ask that my Christian friends should be careful to check out the true facts about therapies before condemning them.

I rest my case M’Lud