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  • Physical and Mental Health

    Physical and Mental Health

    Wats-on With Physical and Mental Health This website domain is  Wats-on.net  and the tag line is Physical and Mental Health.   My blog Wats-on my Mind is my retirement project to get as many people as possible using hypnosis and psychological techniques in their everyday lives. The extraordinary thing about our bodies is that so  much […]

  • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Control?

    Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Control?

    Google Alert Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Every morning I get a set of Google Alerts. You can get emails when new results for a topic show up in Google Search. For example, you can get info about news, products, or mentions of your name. A couple of my alerts are hypnosis and hypnotherapy this morning. An […]

  • Train Affiliates – Me Or David

    Train Affiliates – Me Or David

    Interesting times because I am wanting to train affiliates for our online shop of hypnosis audio and video products. Now the dilemma is that the ideal promoters would by hypnotherapists – and we know plenty of those – but there is a steep learning curve to be a successful affiliate.   Could I train affiliates – […]

  • No Pain Binocular Research Not A Surprise To Hypnotherapists

    Time and time again Hypnotherapists must be saying – “It’s not news to me”.  When will researchers latch onto the fact that using the natural power of the mind and imagination can really bring about physical changes?   When will researchers begin to take self-hypnosis seriously and give the therapy the attention it deserves?

  • Some Of My Christian Friends Think That Hypnosis Is Evil – But Why? – Part 3

    The last time I wrote on this topic I thought I had concluded what I have to say on this subject.  However there was a very interesting and helpful comment from a guy called Mike Reeves-McMillan To get up to speed you might like to see the previous blog entries first: 

  • Some Of My Christian Friends Think Hypnosis Is Evil – But Why? Part 2

    Let me revisit the question on a Christian Blog that prompted me to articulate my views about the role of hypnosis as delivered in clinical hypnotherapy. The question was:

  • Hypnosis For Erectile Dysfunction

    OK I am going to tackle head on (no pun intended) a subject that most people don’t have a chat about every day.  Male impotence (erectile dysfunction). The reason is that I have just received a message saying how much Adam Eason’s hypnosis product “Your Brain In Your Underwear” for erectile dysfunction had changed his […]

  • Hypnosis Hailed As IBS Cure

    As someone who has seen Adam Eason at work with his hypnotherapy I was not surprised by the headline ‘Hypnosis Is Hailed As IBS Cure’ that I saw in the Daily Mirror this week.  I spotted it in a discarded newspaper in the doctor’s waiting room you understand – I wouldn’t own up to actually […]

  • How Can The BBC Get It So Wrong About Hypnotherapy?

    As I watched last night’s broadcast about Alternative Therapies by the BBC – I thought “what a load of rubbish – Adam is going to be going ballistic”  Sure enough – Adam Eason is having a complete rant on his blog today about the programme. I don’t blame him – where did the BBC producer […]

  • Stop Snoring The Hypnotic Way – You Choose

    Hypnosis can be used to cure snoring – I know that as I am the one that often gets the feedback from people who have bought Adam Eason’s – “The Snore Stopper” product.  What I was not so aware of was the prevelance of the problem and the degree to which snoring disrupts family life. […]