How Can The BBC Get It So Wrong About Hypnotherapy?

As I watched last night’s broadcast about Alternative Therapies by the BBC – I thought “what a load of rubbish – Adam is going to be going ballistic” 

Sure enough – Adam Eason is having a complete rant on his blog today about the programme.

I don’t blame him – where did the BBC producer find the therapists?  I think the producer has gone into this production with an agenda.

Anyway for what it is worth here is my advice Adam: 

Make a noise – why not write to ‘Talk Back’ the BBC programme where the public can challenge the producers about their editorial decisions.


Get in touch with Kathy Sykes – it won’t affect this series – but at least you know she is interested in the subject and she may have channels that could be useful for a follow up.


Write an article for the daily papers about the series while it is still in progress and topical.  They may well pick up and run with the subject if you make it critical enough and spicy.



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  1. everythingability Avatar

    Sophie pipped Adam to slate the show here…

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