Hypnosis Hailed As IBS Cure

As someone who has seen Adam Eason at work with his hypnotherapy I was not surprised by the headline ‘Hypnosis Is Hailed As IBS Cure’ that I saw in the Daily Mirror this week.  I spotted it in a discarded newspaper in the doctor’s waiting room you understand – I wouldn’t own up to actually buying a copy of the Mirror. 

I digress but I do secretly like reading the ‘rags’ once in a while – for those of you from outside the UK I guess you can gather the Mirror is only just above the rank of a comic.

Back to the point.  IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a chronic condition with no cure and it affect 15% of the population.  And there is no medical cure.  (more…)

How Can The BBC Get It So Wrong About Hypnotherapy?

As I watched last night’s broadcast about Alternative Therapies by the BBC – I thought “what a load of rubbish – Adam is going to be going ballistic” 

Sure enough – Adam Eason is having a complete rant on his blog today about the programme.

I don’t blame him – where did the BBC producer find the therapists?  I think the producer has gone into this production with an agenda.

Anyway for what it is worth here is my advice Adam:  (more…)