Hypnosis Hailed As IBS Cure

As someone who has seen Adam Eason at work with his hypnotherapy I was not surprised by the headline ‘Hypnosis Is Hailed As IBS Cure’ that I saw in the Daily Mirror this week.  I spotted it in a discarded newspaper in the doctor’s waiting room you understand – I wouldn’t own up to actually buying a copy of the Mirror. 

I digress but I do secretly like reading the ‘rags’ once in a while – for those of you from outside the UK I guess you can gather the Mirror is only just above the rank of a comic.

Back to the point.  IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a chronic condition with no cure and it affect 15% of the population.  And there is no medical cure. 

I have been trying to find the source of the claim in this article in the Mirror that 70% of those in this reported trial were helped by Hypnotherapy. 

Anyway as I say I am not surprised – and yet – there are many GPs out there 
(I know a lot of them so I can vouch for what I am saying)  who will not give hypnotherapy (or indeed many other alternative therapies) the time of day. 

So many clinical conditions can be helped by hypnosis and yet the good and great of the medical world on the whole do not consider this option or suggest to their patients that there are other avenues to explore.

I will have to talk to Adam to get him to put together a specific product for IBS as I would like to carry out further research on this one myself.  15% of the population according to this article – if that is right there are a lot of people seeking help.



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