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Hypnosis can be used to cure snoring – I know that as I am the one that often gets the feedback from people who have bought Adam Eason’s – “The Snore Stopper” product.  What I was not so aware of was the prevelance of the problem and the degree to which snoring disrupts family life.

As I was driving yesterday the DJ on a radio station had posed the following question (this is based on UK research)  “What is it that 9 percent of couples never do?”  The phone in callers had several stabs at the answer such as ‘talk to each other’  ha ha!  before the correct response emerged.  Apparently 9 per cent  of couples never sleep in the same room as their partners because of snoring.

This prompted me to do some further researching around the subject of snoring as I always like to update and improve the sales pages of our products.

Here are a few interesting tit-bits concerning this serious disruptive problem and indeed major health risk according to Hungarian research just out.

Hungarian Research

The relationship has been verified several times before and this new study by researchers at the Semmelweis
University in Budapest adds further credence to this knowledge.

“The study team interviewed more than 12,000 patients to find out if
they snored and how many of them had heart trouble. They found that
heavy snorers had significantly higher risk – up to 34% more – of
having a heart attack compared to the rest of the population. Similarly
their chances of suffering a stroke were 67% higher than those who did
not snore. The snorers were also 40% more likely to suffer from

All of the above health risks are increased in those who are overweight as is the tendency to snore.  So the first aim if you want to stop snoring is ensure that you have your weight under control.

Australian Survey

Some extracts:

“We conducted an audit of sleeping patterns and found out that whilst men and women have the same amount of sleep per night, it’s women who are tired and cranky the next day,” said Fantastic Furniture marketing manager, Philip Kahana.

The survey revealed that the majority of respondents (67.5 per cent) said they had an average of 6-8 hours sleep, yet more than half of the women (50.7 per cent) said they felt tired in the daytime and wished they’d had more sleep.

Further investigation revealed that almost half (48.8 per cent) of the men in the study snored compared to just 29.1 per cent of women.

Recent research has shown that snorers can reach decibel levels similar to those produced by a jet aircraft at low altitude when measured in the bedroom.

“Snoring is not only disruptive to family life, it causes other family members to lose sleep and can lead to social isolation, especially from spouses,” say researchers at Monash University.

When women finally do settle down to sleep, the survey found they are more likely to sleep talk than their partner (26.5 per cent) and grind their teeth (12.4 per cent) which can be a sign of mental stress.

So what can be done?  What are the alternative solutions?

Here are a few:

Special Pillows (eg Sandler)

The Special Pillow is
a stop snoring device which makes the sleeper sleep on his/her side.
Sleeping on the side makes the mouth close which can help prevent some
mild cases of snoring. This can be helpful to those who’s snoring is caused by them lying on their back with mouth open.

The Snore Ball Stop Snoring Devices

snore ball is a stop snoring device that the user places into a pyjama
pouch on their backs. When the user rolls over in the night to sleep on
their backs (which opens their mouth and allows the snoring to escape)
the ball awakens them and reminds them to sleep on their stomachs. This
stop snoring device isn’t one of the more comfortable methods, but it
definitely does the job.  You could of course just sew a tennis ball into the back of your pyjamas

The Sleep Position Monitor

sleep position monitor is a stop snoring device that, much like the
snore ball, alerts the sleeper when he/she rolls onto their back.
Unlike the snore ball, the sleep position monitor emits a loud beeping
noise which wakes the sleeper and reminds them to sleep on their

Oh come on get real – the partner is going to love the bleep more than the snoring – NOT

Nasal Strip Stop Snoring Devices

nasal strip stop snoring devices are thin strips of plastic that stick
to the nose and cause the snorers’ airways to widen allowing more air
through. This increase in airflow lessens the amount of nasal vibration
that causes snoring. You may have seen this in use by athletes aiming to increase airflow as they compete.

Throat Sprays

The throat spray contains lubricating oils that
greatly decrease the vibrations once sprayed onto the throat. This is a
low cost alternative that is used by snorers who’d rather not use
uncomfortable devices.

How about Surgery – Pillar Procedure

Dr. Craig Schwimmer a highly respected head and neck surgeon in Texas, is now a snoring guru who performs the Pillar Procedure.  It takes about 5 minutes where he places small plastic pillars into the uvula of his patient to provide support to the soft palate. The result is greater structural support that keeps the uvula from obstructing the airway, thereby reducing snoring.

Downside of this surgery is that it costs $2000.

From tennis balls to surgery or maybe hypnosis – take your pick. 

But the important thing is DO something both for the sake of your health the sake and sanity of your nearest and dearest.


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