Stop Snoring The Hypnotic Way – You Choose

Hypnosis can be used to cure snoring – I know that as I am the one that often gets the feedback from people who have bought Adam Eason’s – “The Snore Stopper” product.  What I was not so aware of was the prevelance of the problem and the degree to which snoring disrupts family life.

As I was driving yesterday the DJ on a radio station had posed the following question (this is based on UK research)  “What is it that 9 percent of couples never do?”  The phone in callers had several stabs at the answer such as ‘talk to each other’  ha ha!  before the correct response emerged.  Apparently 9 per cent  of couples never sleep in the same room as their partners because of snoring.

This prompted me to do some further researching around the subject of snoring as I always like to update and improve the sales pages of our products. (more…)