Forgive and Help Your Blood Pressure

I am currently on medication for high blood pressure which is an inherited trait and I have a particular aim – which is to lower my BP naturally to the point where I can rid myself of the pills.  I certainly won’t be irresponsible about this as I am very aware – given past career as a nurse – of the dangers of hypertension.

One of my interests in hypnosis is to see how much this can help me and so far my almost miraculous conversion to long term exercise and losing weight through that method has been successful.  That is perhaps the most important step forward but I also find myself looking at other behaviours in myself that can if overcome also contribute towards a reduction in my blood pressure naturally.

So it was with some interest that I came across this paragraph in an article recently: (more…)

Stop Snoring The Hypnotic Way – You Choose

Hypnosis can be used to cure snoring – I know that as I am the one that often gets the feedback from people who have bought Adam Eason’s – “The Snore Stopper” product.  What I was not so aware of was the prevelance of the problem and the degree to which snoring disrupts family life.

As I was driving yesterday the DJ on a radio station had posed the following question (this is based on UK research)  “What is it that 9 percent of couples never do?”  The phone in callers had several stabs at the answer such as ‘talk to each other’  ha ha!  before the correct response emerged.  Apparently 9 per cent  of couples never sleep in the same room as their partners because of snoring.

This prompted me to do some further researching around the subject of snoring as I always like to update and improve the sales pages of our products. (more…)