Twitter Under Attack By Horned Beast John Reese – Yuck

An argument is raging through the blogs and Twitter at the moment about Internet Marketers and John Reese in particular using Social Media for their activities.

Let me make it plain from the start I am defending John Reese.  He doesn’t need me to do that – he is successful enough, clever enough, and web aware enough to do that himself.  I choose to do that because I want to – just as much as I choose to follow him on Twitter because I know I can learn a lot from this knowledgable Internet Marketer.

Let me come back to that specific issue in a minute though. 

There is undoubtedly a problem within the Internet Marketing (IM) to IM world.  How many books can we have on list building, traffic, cracking Google etc etc ad nauseum.  How many hyped up launches can we endure.  I really began to hate all that and there is a very scammy spammy end of that whole IM thing.

My e-mail box became a nightmare.

 But you can get control back.  Unsubscribe from every e-mail newsletter from IM to IM marketers (fortunately this is not necessary outside that polluted area) – yes EVERY ONE.

If you admire the Internet Marketer and he is worth his salt he will have a blog with an RSS feed.  Submit to that instead – using Google Reader (trust me it is the best!).

 Blog entries are usually worthwhile.  The important point is that you are in charge.

Then I urge you to GET this social media thing.  I am going to write quite extensively in my next blog about a great FREE way that you can really learn all this stuff during this summer.  The guy teaching is a very successful Internet Marketer – and is the tops.    Sorry you will have to come back to see all about this.

Let’s return to John Reese and Twitter and other Social Media.

If John Reese has made any mistake at all about the way that he has entered the Social Media 2.0 thingy is when he first went onto Facebook.  He wrote to his huge lists and basically said – I have joined Facebook and if you want to be my friend on there you will have to hurry as Facebook only allow 5000 etc.  Not in those words as I splatted that e-mail – but that was the drift.  There were even follow up e-mails – almost as if John had bet with his mates that he would be the fastest ever to get to that level on Facebook.

I must admit thinking – this guy, much as I admire him hasn’t got a handle on this scene.

Now Twitter is a very strange but exciting development.  But the mistake that so many people including John is to follow hundreds if not thousands of people.  The important thing that I keep hammering away at here is don’t follow anynone that is not going to enrich your internet experience. Only follow people with similar interests.  Only follow people that you would be happy to be around in real life.

Twitter is not intended to be a two way communication tool – there are plenty of those about.  Of course you will occassionally respond direct – but that is NOT what it is primarily about.  It is about sharing what you have found, sharing what you are doing, sharing things that will be of benefit to people with similar interests to your own.

As a by-product relationships will develop naturally and with that trust and dare I say it all the other things that make Joint Ventures and other Marketing activities possible.

Here is one of the original attacks on John:

Here is John’s robust defence (see he didn’t need me)

I really do think that they have attacked the wrong man.  If you really want to have a go just look at this.  Now this does stink:

Have a go at this Jason Moffat as much as you want.


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