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  • Self-Hypnosis – Affiliate Action Mindset

    Self-Hypnosis – Affiliate Action Mindset

    Affiliate Action Mindset for 2017 – Self-Hypnosis products for therapeutic gain referral program. Action Mindset – There it is – a new year resolution. A new direction – which needs different thinking! Do you know what I am doing? I am creating my action mindset when starting a large venture – (more of that below)  […]

  • Hello Kristina – Found On Facebook

    Hello Kristina – Found On Facebook

    My children – bless them – live with their phones for ever in their hands to keep in touch.   Yes very much in touch – not only with people they meet daily and are friends with now; but also with people they were with at school, university etc. How different that is to the way […]

  • Yet Another Reason That YouTube Video Is King For Marketers…

    I’ve been banging on for some time about video and how important it is for anyone who wants to do real business on-line to face the camera.   That includes affiliates by the way. The list is as long as my arm about the advantages of video over all other forms of interaction with your clients […]

  • Twitter Under Attack By Horned Beast John Reese – Yuck

    An argument is raging through the blogs and Twitter at the moment about Internet Marketers and John Reese in particular using Social Media for their activities. Let me make it plain from the start I am defending John Reese.  He doesn’t need me to do that – he is successful enough, clever enough, and web […]

  • Twittering Has Saved Me Time – Honest

    I have been posting on Adam Eason Inner Circle forum about twittering.  It is very hard to explain quite how useful this technology is.  There are some people on there who do a lot and I mean a lot of studying and sourcing the information they want.  Google and Wiki are OK’ish for static data […]

  • Internet Marketers – The Good Guys – Ed Dale

    Now it seems incredible to me that I hadn’t even heard of Ed Dale just a month ago and yet here I am putting him first on my list of people I would most recommend to my friends to learn the Internet selling game.  This is the best advice I can give – at this […]

  • Internet Marketers – The Good Guys – Important Blog

    One of the keys to success at selling products on the Internet is to identify who the Good Guys of the Internet Marketing world are and learn from them. In the title of this posting I have added the words ‘Important Blog’ for a reason. I really want you to learn some lessons that it […]

  • Banish Negative People From Your Life

    It may be difficult given the large number that exist – but I avoid as far as is humanly possible negative people.  They are everywhere – especially in the media.  Do journalists have to go on a negativity course to do their work? One of the best bits of business advice I ever received was […]

  • Thomas Power Linked Me On Ecademy Because Of Twitter

    I get it!  I see what all this twittering is about.  Forgive my obsession with Twittering this week but this has really impressed me. I won’t go through chronologically what I have been up to on Twitter because you can go to and follow me. My only regret is that I didn’t sign up […]

  • Twittering With Ed Dale and John Reese

    I am Twittering and not totally sure why yet but I am taking advice. But first of all let me explain how this has come about. I am totally changing things around here. I am absolutely fed up to the back teeth with all the hypey, must have 5 minute wonders that pass as major […]

  • Personal DNA Personality Test

    Almost as an adjunct to my posting this morning I came across this Personality Test site. Interesting I have set up a Twitter account today

  • What Is It About Blogging That I Love?

    I love blogs and can fall into the trap of reading them and getting side tracked far too easily.

  • Stumbled On More About “StumbleUpon”

    A short time ago I download the Stumbleupon Toolbar for Social Bookmarking.

  • Social Bookmarking With

    I have just put up a camtasia presentation about

  • New Niche Social Media, Networking, Bookmarking Site Hypgroove

    We have just launched a new niche social media/networking site 

  • Lose Blog, Traffic Drops Like A Stone!!

    I trust Adam won’t mind me telling this story.  It is such a perfect illustration to internet marketers to show how important blog traffic is for your main website. Well if I ever needed convincing personally about the power of blogging then I have seen it in action in the last week.

  • BNI Members Day – European Conference 2007 – Southampton

    I attended a conference here in Southampton in the UK yesterday and had a great time listening to some great speakers talking about Networking. I have been a member of BNI (Business Networking International) for over 5 years.  For those of you who have not heard of this organisation, the philosophy can be summed up […]