What Is It About Blogging That I Love?

I love blogs and can fall into the trap of reading them and getting side tracked far too easily.

The thing about blogs is that you have a choice whether to continue receiving them and you know for sure that you will not get any more feeds after you cut the RSS link.  I have recently unsubscribed from many of my e-mail newsletters and opted for blogging feeds instead. 

There also seems to be a much greater effort to provide quality content on blogs – which can’t be said for some of the inane e-mails I receive.

I came across a blog just now quite by chance that contained a reference to a product that I distribute for Adam Eason.  As I read on it turned out to be full of glowing praise for ‘Think Yourself Thin’  Free of charge there is someone singing the praise of a product he has used – what more could a product maker want?  Recommendations used to travel by word of mouth – it could be better described now as word of blog – and worldwide at a fantastic speed.

I had no idea the blog existed but it really got me thinking about the way that commerce works world-wide now.  People reading recommendations in blogs must now account for a lot of impulse buying. 

Let me tell you how I stumbled upon this site (what a great name that would make for a social bookmarking site 🙂 )

My team here have put together a niche social bookmarking site called Hypgroove.  It is all there ready for the thousands of people who want to promote their blogs, videos, articles and MP3s about hypnosis and self-improvement.  Early days so always pleased when someone posts a new bookmark link.  The latest new link led off to the blog in question – ‘Game of Self’.

The article linked was about help for Toastmasters to give speeches – but I couldn’t help spotting an Adam Eason advert flashing away at the side.  So I did a search on this blog and there was the ‘Think Yourself Thin’ article.  I couldn’t write a stronger testimonial for the product if I tried. 




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