Yet Another Reason That YouTube Video Is King For Marketers…

I’ve been banging on for some time about video and how important it is for anyone who wants to do real business on-line to face the camera.   That includes affiliates by the way.

The list is as long as my arm about the advantages of video over all other forms of interaction with your clients and I won’t repeat information available from thousands of other sources – HOWEVER here is a really important new addition to that list.


YouTube is now the number 2 search directory after Google – yes – above Yahoo.  But here is the big development – YouTube PPC (Pay Per Click) is here.

If you intend to use PPC on YouTube I would suggest that you need to consider carefully if the video has a strong call to action – otherwise you might be wasting your sheckles. 

Interesting and I guess there are a heap of new things to learn to maximise your click through rate and conversions.

Visit Internet Marketing Week to hear from Ed Dale and gang discuss YouTube video PPC


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