Thomas Power Linked Me On Ecademy Because Of Twitter

I get it!  I see what all this twittering is about.  Forgive my obsession with Twittering this week but this has really impressed me.

I won’t go through chronologically what I have been up to on Twitter because you can go to and follow me.

My only regret is that I didn’t sign up to use my real name – I might do that as I have only 3 days of use to lose – and I can always follow the same people again.

The term to follow is an interesting one.  Who would you follow in life – only people you felt could offer you more than you have now.  So I am very selective who I choose to link to follow.

I realised very quickly that Twitter must be an important site when I saw the calibre of people joining.  One in particular stood out for me – Thomas Power Chairman of Ecademy. 

A few years back I joined a website that was really in its infancy then called Ecademy.  Pre Web 2.0 An online business networking site – which was in fact the first time I met a social networking site.  I was immediately impressed with the whole idea – a business Facebook if you like but way before Facebook hit the scene.

It was started by Thomas Power and his wife.   Incredible fore site!

It iwas and is a membership site and there was a small charge for some of the services which seemed fair enough but I will be honest here (even though Thomas is likely to come across this easily – because of Twitter) I cooled on the site when different levels of membership were introduced and I felt it then began to resemble the corporate world that in many ways it had originally been designed to break down.  There was an elitism about the Black Star membership level that wrankled with me. 

However more power (pun ha ha) to his elbow – Ecademy is still going strong and I have just visited for the first time in years and there were over 3000 business people actually on the site at the time.

I heard Thomas speak at a local Ecademy event once and was impressed with everything.  He is a great articulate speaker, thoughtful and intelligent, and obviously clued up on the ways of the business world.  One of the best networkers (just after Dr Ivan Mizner of BNI fame) that I have met.

You can get some idea of the mind of this guy by visiting his long blog yesterday on Ecademy.  And the important bit for me is that there is a link to my twitter.  There are lots of links on the page and it is very interesting piece and near the bottom you will find a link to which is my twitter.  An authority link in less than two days of tweeting.  [i have edited this post as I have changed my twitter name from keithaw2k to KeithWatson since this was written – the Thomas Power link still has the old address which I can’t do anything about] 

The other amazing thing is that readers of this blog have doubled in the last two days (two instead of one – no – I jest) according to Google analytics which is again a direct result of twittering.  All at a time when the home page of my blog is broke.  Must get that darned thing fixed.


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