Now it seems incredible to me that I hadn’t even heard of Ed Dale just a month ago and yet here I am putting him first on my list of people I would most recommend to my friends to learn the Internet selling game. 

This is the best advice I can give – at this moment in time – to any newcomer to the world of selling products on-line.  Get on Ed Dale’s  30 Day Challenge

The web has changed remarkably in the last two or three years and probably the most significant factor is that you no longer need to have a central website to make things happen – it is actually better that you are actively out there getting into communities that suit your lifestyle and with your peers.  Ed Dale has captured this change perfectly and has a refreshing new honest approach to web training

When I say that Ed Dale is the guy to look out for to help you achieve things on the web it isn’t strictly true.  He has a team that work together incredibly well.  There is Dan Raine and Rob Somerville to name but two.  There may be more but – well – I have only known about this dude a short time.  

I first heard of this crowd (as mentioned yesterday) because I twitter.  There I was on twitter for the first time just a month ago and didn’t really know what I was doing. 

Purely by chance someone was singing the praises of this Ed Dale with a link to one of his (very numerous) videos. 

Off to the video and there was this Aussie – I had to get past his drawl of a voice – going on about how people shouldn’t be offended on Twitter if he didn’t follow them just because they were following him.  True I thought – what sense.  Would you just follow anyone in real life – NO – you would only tend to follow people you felt could help you move on. 

Logical I thought.

But everywhere on twitter you can see people following thousands of people and only being followed by a few themselves.  Why would you want to follow thousands? – you can’t keep up with them all.  I suppose it makes you feel that you are doing something on twitter – but I think they are missing the point.  Hey stop Keith this is a ramble off topic.

So I had got my first great tip about Twitter from Ed.  Followed him a bit more and picked up so much information in such a short time. 

I was hooked on Twitter – but only to follow people who really know their onions.

Anyway from there I was off to see what this guy Ed Dale does and there it was – still available – last years ’30 Day Challenge’. 

I only had to cherry pick from what he had on offer as I am not new to making money on line. 

However – what was and is important to me is that I am trying to find affiliates for Adam Eason products.  Suddenly I could see a training on offer that is FREE (yes remarkable but true) that is up to date and of such a high standard in terms of content – that in all my years of working on-line I have never seen before.   Yes there is good comprehensive training out there but at a price.  Here was top standard information at zilch cost. 

What’s more there is a two month lead in time which is remarkable also because what the Ed Dale team are doing is providing you in that time with all the tools (last year every one of them was free) to be able to efficiently do the course when it starts. 

Simply amazing! 

I will try to stop adding too many superlatives or you will think I am trying to sell something.  I guess I am though in that I am trying to sell you on this great comprehensive training.

Now how refreshing is this?  Here is what the 30 Day Challenge is about.

The challenge is that within 30 days you will make your first $10 on-line. 

OK that may seem hardly a good proposition – 30 days effort to get $10.  No it is 30 days to get everything sorted so that you can go away and make as much as you like.  On-line sales is all about knowing just what you are doing.  Of course there were people last year who made much more during the actual challenge than that.  I also know that some of them on last years challenge are making very good incomes on-line. 

But isn’t that refreshing none the less – a realistic goal.  Believe me I can remember my first sale on-line – it might be a few measly dollars but it seems as if it has appeared by magic.

Here’s the other great thing.  30 DC is offered in absolutely the right order.  Marketing then Prequalified Traffic then Conversion then Product.  Believe me that is correct.

How can I be sure then that if I suggest this training to my affiliates that they will choose Adam’s hypnosis products.  Well they can jolly well test out things in the marketing research stage.  I know for example that there is a hungry market for Overcoming Fear Of Flying for example.  I would be happy for any of our affiliates to do market research and if they found a niche that was right in terms of this 30 DC they have only to let us know and we will produce the product.  In fact that is another reason that I will be there this year myself.  Product producers can learn so much.

The timing is not great for us in the northern hemisphere – as you know those Aussies have everything the wrong way round – but I guess there is nothing we can do about that. 

This years challenge is throughout August but the pre-course programme starts on the 1st June.

To find out more follow this link:  30 Day Challenge

Personally I have gone one stage further as I really love the fact that they are at the cutting edge of technologies.  I have joined Dan Raines Immediate Edge membership site.  This is almost the back end boffins room where the team are constantly developing their internet strategies.   I will be reporting back.