New Niche Social Media, Networking, Bookmarking Site Hypgroove

We have just launched a new niche social media/networking site www.hypgroove.comThis is a Digg style community site aimed at those with an interest in hypnosis and self-improvement content.  You will be able to recommend and vote on news, articles, videos, audios.

The site is fairly embryonic at the moment but considering the domain name was only bought 24 hours ago progress has been reasonable.  There will be categories added and separate sections for articles and videos etc.

At the moment if you wish to post a page then use ‘Submit News’ tab.  You will have to register before you can add any web pages.  Please also feel free to vote approval on any web-links that you find through the site.

Now let me explain the reason we have built Hypgroove and the thinking behind it.

Those of you who have been following my blog postings will know that we lost a lot of blog traffic to Adam Eason’s website last week.

Now every cloud has a silver lining (first cliche today) and we held crisis talks (ok – I am exaggerating for dramatic effect) as we needed to get traffic to our site – and highly targeted traffic at that as soon as.

It was interesting talking to my techie lads as we realised that we hardly ever use Google for searches any more.  In fact we get much more interesting and varied results by using social networking or bookmarking sites such as, Digg, Furl or Reddit to name but four.

These are large non specific bookmarking sites – but what is beginning to emerge are similar sites but within specific niches.  Here is a site we were looking at which got us thinking – it is almost embarrassing to look at the date of that blog entry – what foresite that writer had.  The niche sites he is talking about are really only emerging now.

Here is a site that lists some of the niches currently emerging.  We noticed that to date there was not one for self-improvement and hypnosis. 


There is now!  Hypgroove

Go – register – and get posting any pages that you find and want to share

If you need a brief introduction to on-line bookmarking take a look here

Over the next few days I will be lifting the lid on Social Networking and Bookmarking.

The first will be about which I have been using for some time







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