Lose Blog, Traffic Drops Like A Stone!!

I trust Adam won’t mind me telling this story.  It is such a perfect illustration to internet marketers to show how important blog traffic is for your main website.

Well if I ever needed convincing personally about the power of blogging then I have seen it in action in the last week.

Along with my team of Gary and Robert we have developed the website for Adam Eason over a few years now.  The marketing of the website has also been our remit.
I have been really happy to do this for Adam as he definitely is one of the best in the field, has a great personality, gives generously of himself to his clients and produces great audio self improvement products.

 Most of the traffic and current mailing list has been obtained via articles, podcasts and blogs.  The most important of these to date has been Adam’s blog which wasn’t an integral part of the main website.  In fact it was hosted on paid for blog service Blog Harbour.

Now that blog was very popular for all the right reasons – good content delivered in the specialist niche of self-hypnosis and personal development.  As a result NEW traffic to his website just flowed constantly.

For a variety of reasons we decided to revamp the main website and move it to a different hosting company (I don’t mind revealing this reason as Fasthosts the company we were with before were unbelievably inept and where customer service just doesn’t exist)

We used WordPress as the basis for the new site and decided to incorporate Adam’s Blog into the site.

Some change for a massive website and all went relatively well from a functional point of view.  However we have been somewhat perplexed by the slowness of Google to re-index the pages – even though we changed information in htaccess file 301’d it etc.

For example some two month after moving the domain to Hostgator (who have been excellent – keep up the good work gals and guys) a search for Adam Eason in Google does not even bring up www.adam-eason.com  – now come on Google.  Especially as we have provided a site map and all the other measures we have taken.

OK – all of that will take some time and we can’t do much more to influence it except to do the basics and keep promoting through articles, social networks and social media.  I am of the firm opinion that social media will be the main way in future that people will find fascinating niche sites.

BUT we have also shot ourselves in the foot.  And this is where I will have to hope that Adam will forgive me.

Adam has taken on board all this web marketing stuff very well over the years but he doesn’t always appreciate the knock on effects and nuances of taking various actions in this sometimes baffling media.

Gary (a clever geeky sort) was the first to point out to me that our new traffic had dropped by an alarming 90% and it was blog traffic that had basically stopped.  I checked out on Google and sure enough a link to the Blog Harbour blog was no longer in existence.  Uh Uh!  Alarm bells.

I rang Adam and asked the question – to which I already really knew the answer.  Have you stopped the blog at Blog Harbour?  I wasn’t there to see if he blushed but I had already braced myself for the inevitable answer. 

So we have to wake Google up again to the location of Adam’s new blog with no chance of redirects from the old working as the pages aren’t there any more.

So we will be busy writing and growing traffic in the sound ways that we have already used.  It will take time but not as much as the first time I hope.  A visit from you to this blog now will surely help. 

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