Valentine’s Day Is Good For Your Health

Valentine’s Day could be renamed as Health Day because research shows that being in any form of loving relationship is good for your health.

We are all aware of the feelings of happiness and joy when we are in a loving and caring relationship; we carry an aura of well-being around with us for everyone else to see.  We feel great and everything in the garden is rosy.  Of course Valentine’s Day is for most people a day of happiness and joy, centred on love and passion, a day of loving feelings.

Well, it seems that this loving feeling actually does us a lot more good than we realise, it also promotes good health within us and our partners.  Let’s face it the happier you are the less stressful you feel, and the less stressful you are the lower your chances are of having a heart attack, anxiety attacks, migraines, ulcers and many other stress related illnesses are.

Our hearts race when we are with or think about our lover which increase the blood flow around our entire bodies and that is what gives us what we call a loving glow, that aura of well-being and of course it feeds our vital organs at the same time.  All of this triggers off our immune systems; it gives them a boost, which in turn reduces our risk of catching common illnesses such as colds and flu.  It seems that Valentine’s Day can only be a win – win situation for our health.

But it doesn’t stop there; the acts of hugging and caressing and of course making love are also triggers of healing for our partners and ourselves. Those feelings of comfort and warmth we receive from other humans loving touches promote the same well-being within our bodies as mentioned earlier.

So my suggestion is that we change the name of Valentine’s Day to Healing Day and we celebrate St. Valentine each and every day of our lives.  What a healthy, loving world we would create for ourselves.

Author: Guest Writer – Steve Tallamy



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