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  • Blog Challenge – Health Walking and Podcasts

    Blog Challenge – Health Walking and Podcasts

    My Health, Podcasts and The Blog Challenge I realised that this blog challenge was going to take up some time this month and had decided that I would give myself two hours daily to do each blog. Well that set the family off – bless them! They already think I spend far too long at […]

  • Health Update – Still Feeling Fine

    On Thursday of this week I will be going to the theatre and I know I will sleep throughout the whole performance. OK – I jest! It is of course the operating theatre to have my left kidney removed.  Yes I signed away my left kidney.  The specialist nurse who was going through my consent […]

  • Valentine’s Day Is Good For Your Health

    Valentine’s Day could be renamed as Health Day because research shows that being in any form of loving relationship is good for your health. We are all aware of the feelings of happiness and joy when we are in a loving and caring relationship; we carry an aura of well-being around with us for everyone […]

  • More Tax – Improved Health – Doesn’t Add Up!

    I am no slouch when it comes to maths but there is one thing that I fail to understand about Budgets – they just don’t add up.  Not so much the sums as the pretense of what they are about. It was Budget day here in the UK yesterday.  The Chancellor Of The Exchequer Alistair […]

  • Hypnotic Trance Shrinks Time

    In a total trance my exercises this morning passed in a trice.  Back to that in a moment but first I have something to show you. I am really proud of the photo I have uploaded today.  It is a broken exercise machine – yes the new one I had as a gift from my […]