In a total trance my exercises this morning passed in a trice.  Back to that in a moment but first I have something to show you.

I am really proud of the photo I have uploaded today. 

It is a broken exercise machine – yes the new one I had as a gift from my kids at Christmas. 

This is the underside of the stepper and the strap as you can see has disintegrated. 

I have worn out an exercise machine!! 

Now don’t underestimate what is going on here.  This is the same person who three months ago who would have found any excuse not to exercise.  A broken machine would have been the perfect excuse.  The only problem is that I would not have worn it out in the first place. 

Strange what a motivation hypnosis MP3 file can do.  What a testimony to hypnosis.

I couldn’t wait to replace the machine and the shop exchanged for a new one without comment – I expected just a small recognition of the effort that I had obviously been putting in.  I have to admit the manufacturers seem to have improved the belt on the new one so maybe I didn’t …. oh does it matter.  Time will tell as it will get a pummeling from me.   Companies will probably use me in the future to test their machines for robustness.

Back to the hypnotic trance.  The amazing thing is that I really do enjoy using the machine and getting totally absorbed in a movie or whatever on TV at the same time.  Time becomes totally distorted.

I have heard Adam describe how he hated history at school and how he watched the clock and every minute seemed an hour.  We have all experienced that feeling when we are bored out of our heads.  My personal ‘lasted-for-ever’ lesson was chemistry – I find it hard to even write the word – yuck.

Exercise in the past was just like that.  I would be clock watching or counting down all the time.  Quarter done…. half done ……  only 700 to go.  All of that was going on in my head.  No wonder it seemed interminable – no wonder I hated it.

On the other hand when enjoying yourself what happens to time – where has it gone – did it exist.

Now I hated exercise just about as much as chemistry…..

Yet ……

here am I telling you that this morning I was so immersed in Casino Royale – the chase around Miami Airport – Daniel Craig as Bond jumping onto the detonated primed diesel tanker bit – that I passed my 3000 steps (40 minutes) hardly realising I had started.

Only when I stopped did I notice I was a ball of sweat with racing pulse and smelling foul.  It had all been done on autopilot – the only thing I could really recall was the film and regretting the fact I have to wait till my next exercise session tomorrow to find out how things pan out.

If you have any problem at all getting going with exercise – and lets face it we are all being told constantly that we need to increase our activity – do try hypnosis as a way of changing your mindset.

Please feel free to get in touch with me or comment on my blog and I will help you get the right hypnosis package to support your needs.

By the way – What a strange role for Judi Dench in Casino Royale as ‘M’ – couldn’t quite put that one in place.