Category: Time Management

  • Hypnotic Trance Shrinks Time

    In a total trance my exercises this morning passed in a trice.  Back to that in a moment but first I have something to show you. I am really proud of the photo I have uploaded today.  It is a broken exercise machine – yes the new one I had as a gift from my […]

  • Priorities, Vista, Bill Gates And A Housebrick

    Well let the Search Engines work out what this article is all about.  I would seriously like to know what this week has been all about so far. Let’s start with Priorities. There I was bright and early on Monday morning answering a few e-mails before I started on the weeks tasks.  Yes – a […]

  • Attention To Time

    You are what you pay attention to – begins Brian Oberkirch in LikeItMatters. His on-line time managment thoughts are worth a look. I am about to implement some of them myself right now…