Hypnotic Trance Shrinks Time

In a total trance my exercises this morning passed in a trice.  Back to that in a moment but first I have something to show you.

I am really proud of the photo I have uploaded today. 

It is a broken exercise machine – yes the new one I had as a gift from my kids at Christmas. 

This is the underside of the stepper and the strap as you can see has disintegrated. 

I have worn out an exercise machine!! 

Now don’t underestimate what is going on here.  This is the same person who three months ago who would have found any excuse not to exercise.  A broken machine would have been the perfect excuse.  The only problem is that I would not have worn it out in the first place.  (more…)

Priorities, Vista, Bill Gates And A Housebrick

Well let the Search Engines work out what this article is all about.  I would seriously like to know what this week has been all about so far.

Let’s start with Priorities.

There I was bright and early on Monday morning answering a few e-mails before I started on the weeks tasks.  Yes – a challenging week ahead but I was well prepared and the priorities were clear in my mind.  But then again – priorities can change in an instant.  (more…)