Ever Sent Yourself A Valentines Card?

I did once.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and thought people would be impressed.

It didn’t actually do me any good and I didn’t feel any better. But it did reveal a few things.

Firstly, how young men don’t care how much they lie about the receipt of Valentine’s cards. Secondly, how meaningless they actually are unless you happen to be in a meaningful relationship, in which case it’s like forgetting a birthday: you’re in deep trouble if you do, but get hardly any recognition if you don’t (unless the accompanying present is bank-balance nullifying). Thirdly, what a rip off it is – card manufacturers have promoted quite a few other such days – father’s and mother’s to name but two.

Another thing that my unsurprising card receipt actually revealed was just how pointless it was. It confirmed to me that I thought I was missing something (which I, of course was) but also that this was just a transient thing. Tomorrow I might not be, or might even discover that I would prefer to be. My celibacy was a mere photograph of the moment, not a condensed feature film of the whole of my life. That I happened to be without a loved one at a moment in my life when many are without a loved one is not unusual. But you do of course need to be able to realise this – I can now, more than forty years later; it was more difficult then.

But that, of course, is the whole thing about sending yourself a Valentine’s card. Other people knowing about it. Possibly even showing them the proof. Unlike sending someone else a card – then it’s them knowing about it, and knowing (or more precisely not knowing) who the sender was.

And of course it doesn’t help if the card you sent yourself arrives a day late.

As mine did.

Guest Author – Chris MacAdie

Is Valentine’s Day All About Love?

Yes, of course it is!

Love of card sales. And actually, sales of almost anything else you can imagine!

Try booking a table for two in a popular restaurant, especially if Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, a Saturday or, like this year, a Sunday. You can find special Valentine screenings of Love Story or some other appropriately sentimental melodrama. Our local chocolate shop is full of it – and hopes to be empty of it I suppose come next Monday. The kiddies’ clothes shop idem ditto although the relevance eludes me. The trendy silver jewellery shop has gone absolutely heart-shaped; cardiac I suppose you could say.


Valentine’s Day Is Good For Your Health

Valentine’s Day could be renamed as Health Day because research shows that being in any form of loving relationship is good for your health.

We are all aware of the feelings of happiness and joy when we are in a loving and caring relationship; we carry an aura of well-being around with us for everyone else to see.  We feel great and everything in the garden is rosy.  Of course Valentine’s Day is for most people a day of happiness and joy, centred on love and passion, a day of loving feelings.