Cor My Mate Adam Is Hypnotically In Love

What’s this – third post today.

Well I couldn’t help commenting about my mate Adam Eason’s blog this morning.  He definitely was in a hypnotic love trance as he wrote that earlier today.  There were just a tad more typos and grammatical gaffs than normal.

As the website developer for Adam I have privileged access to his blog and have had to go in and edit pretty heavily. 

Anyway I couldn’t agree with his sentiment more.  I know that Adam is head over heels in love with Katie – and I tell you what – I am deliriously happy myself for that.  It hasn’t been all hearts and romance in the past for Adam – so I am delighted that he has at last found his soul- mate.

My glass is raised to all of you who are celebrating in style whether it is for yourself or for others.  



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