Self-Hypnosis – Affiliate Action Mindset

Self-Hypnosis – Affiliate Action Mindset

Affiliate Action Mindset for 2017 – Self-Hypnosis products for therapeutic gain referral program.

Action Mindset – There it is – a new year resolution.

A new direction – which needs different thinking!

Do you know what I am doing?
I am creating my action mindset when starting a large venture – (more of that below)  – new good habits.  (For example can I keep this blog going daily??)

ACTION is the most amazing thing and I have been learning from an expert.

I am emulating Babs (my wife) who can plan to the last detail.

For example:
We have a motorhome and we both make a decision which is that we will go for a three weeks tour around Spain in October.  I hardly need lift another finger – Babs is away – she is at it – she IS IN THE ZONE.  Dates for holiday at work, Spanish lessons because we will be in interior away from tourist routes.  Maps – large ones – all over the floor. Discussion with friends who can advise about good motorhome camp-sites – cheapest ferries – internet access on route – and so on.

Babs loves it – the planning and activity around the whole thing is as good as the doing.  When we set off – I just get into the motorhome and the sat nav routes are all there – I love every bit of the outcome – BUT I usually have missed the build up.  I think I am actually missing something there.

Now I have a chance to achieve a similar zonal action mindset with all that i want to get out of our new referral affiliate program.

So what are we up to at ‘Adam Towers’.  Why do we need this Action Mindset.

We now need the same sort of level of planning and developing of our marketing plans for our college courses AND our therapeutic self-hypnosis products.  It is all very fine having some great courses and products – but people need to know they are there.

For some three years now we have been setting up our College of Hypnosis with all of the courses, webinars, seminars etc.  BUT as well – we have been videoing every course including four new Continuing Professional Development online programs.  The work has been heavy and we have had very little time to promote and market fully.

During those three years we have not really marketed our audio products at all.  They are evergreen audios and videos and they have continued to sell to anyone that comes across them BUT …. well – could do better!!  AND we have some new audios to add.

I love marketing so…

Now we have all the courses set up this is the year to beat our drums and make a noise – and it is going to be fun and exciting.

We have options of course: DO we use Adwords and Facebook to advertise?
Well it can work especially to find people for our courses – BUT the audio and video products need a different approach.

The products side really excites me because there are millions (NO — billions!! ) of people who can get help with so many issues.   We have audios and videos that can help so many people – I am not going to go on because that is just selling.

We can promote the products in adverts or blog posts like this – but that is so limited – and in my case not totally believable as I helped to put the products together.

  • I am bound to say they are good.
  • The same would happen if Adam sang his own product praises.

What we need is YOU as long as you are enthusiastic and are keen to make some money.

NO – what we need is you – come and join us.  Word of Mouth marketing is much better than advertising.

The thing is though that selling as an affiliate is a learned skill. For example – you want to be able to sell without appearing to sell.  I know – all will be explained.

There are NO interviews – NOTHING in your way.

I will be sending out videos to help you along.  The ACTION required will be between 30 minutes and and hour daily.  So you watch the video and take the next step forward.

If you we teach you well – you will get 50% of the purchase price of each product – which means we get 50%.
Furthermore – you get recognised for any further purchases from that customer for the next 3 years.

WIN WIN – so we want you to do well.

My New Year Invite to you.  Sign Up at

Once you are signed up you will get all of my training information weekly.

You Have Probably Read This… And Ticked A Box To Say You Have Read It.

Somebody – a legal somebody – has written this – and you have read it.  You ticked a box when you signed up to say you have read and agree with all of their Terms of Service

This is a smidgeon of the PayPal Terms of Service picked just now totally at random from the pages and pages of this stuff.

4.3 Risk of Reversals, Chargebacks and Claims. The receipt of a payment into your PayPal Account does not equate to the receipt of cleared funds. A notification that E-money has been sent to you, does not amount to a receipt of E-money in your Account unless you have accepted the payment. You acknowledge and agree that a payment transaction is completed and received by you even if it becomes subject to a Reversal, Chargeback. Claim, Reserve or hold. When you receive a payment, you are liable to PayPal for the full amount of the payment plus any Fees if the payment is later invalidated for any reason. In addition to any other liability, if there is a Reversal, or if you lose a Chargeback or Claim and you are not entitled to a payment under the Seller Protection Programme, you will owe PayPal an amount equal to the Reversal, Chargeback or Claim and our Fees per Schedule 1 (including a Chargeback Fee if applicable) and PayPal will debit your Balance to recover such an amount. If a sender of a payment files a Chargeback, the credit card company, not PayPal, will determine who wins the Chargeback. You can find out more about Chargebacks by reviewing our Chargeback Guide, accessible via the PayPal Security Centre and the section called: “Selling Safely”. The PayPal Security Centre is accessed via the PayPal website.

Now – Be Truthful.

Did you just read that?  If so did you understand it.

Let’s give you a chance with a smaller piece as most terms are barely comprehensible.

This is also from PayPals 23,000 words.

If your PayPal payment funded by a Special Funding Source is rescinded (including, without limitation, Reversed) at a later time for any reason, PayPal will keep the amount that represents the portion of that PayPal payment that was funded by your Special Funding Source and (provided that the Special Funding Source has not already expired) reinstate the Special Funding Source.

What? !!

I can feel sorry for people who have menial and low paid jobs – but – I can also feel even more sorry for souls who are intelligent and well paid legal experts having to sit and write this sort of meaningless English.

My favourites for gibberishness is Apple.  The iTunes website means that you need many hours to read their 23,000 words.

HSBC have 36,000 words that their customers have signed and said they have read the Terms and Conditions – YES we believe that happens.

If the average Briton wanted to read the small print of every website they visit in a typical year, it would take 124 days according to an analysis by The Times.

I must admit I have spared the cost of employing a legal expert to draw up a costly wording to go on our sales pages.  This may be damned by the powers that be – but I say that I am doing our customers a favour.  I sell what I produce and hope to be paid in return – on the whole we get away with it.

You’re Looking Well – What Great Words To Hear

The only report I have on my health is that it is good.  That saga is behind me – no more treatment at the moment and a body scan in 3 months time to check that all still looks good in there.

I have had a week of bumping into people that I haven’t seen since my hospitalisation and the words I keep hearing repeatedly is ‘Wow – you’re looking well’ or something similar.  Makes me wonder how bad I looked before.  It is great to hear that though and all I can say back to them is ‘I feel great’.

So a heart felt thanks to those of you who contacted me, wished me well, offered help, prayed for me and generally were supportive.  I love you all and thanks.



How Being Grumpy Can Be Creative

Those of you who are regular readers of my posts will know well enough that I am a positive and upbeat type of guy.  However like everyone here I do have my grumpy moments, I know it’s hard for you to believe but I do; in fact most Friday evenings I have a deliberate grump!

I enjoy meeting my mates down at our local watering hole ‘The Grasshopper,’ where over a pint or two (or three) we have a moan and a groan about our weeks events.  We call ourselves ‘The Grumpy Old Men’s Club’ and although you would normally associate grumpiness with negativity these weekly meetings often have a positive and creative outcome.

Each of us has a different attitude to life and we see and handle things in varying ways, so by sharing and having a banter about annoying things, big and small, we always end up having a laugh and very often come up with some creative solutions to the worlds problems (maybe that’s the alcohol, but it works!).

Recent topics have included: how to stop footballing cheats, dealing with customer help lines and how to get the best deals from them, stupid people on reality TV programmes, barking dogs, and of course the world economic situation.

Perhaps it’s not the act of being grumpy that really counts here, in fact it’s more likely to do with the positivity that comes from it.  Like any businessman worth his salt will tell you, creativity comes from sharing ideas, brainstorming and selecting the best of what is placed on the table, so if that can come from a grumpy evening out with my mates over a few beers, so be it – Cheers!

Stopping Smoking – Women Take Note!

Staying on the topic of stopping smoking I want to continue the subject by  going back to the article I mentioned in my post ‘Dr Mark Porter Blowing A Smokescreen Over How To Stop Smoking.’ In it he makes the point that women may be more susceptible to the damaging effects of cigarette smoke than men, something I’m not totally disagreeing with, it’s the possible reasons for it that rankle with me. He states,” Quite why women should be more likely to smoke than their male peers, or be more susceptible to smoking related illnesses such as premature heart disease (a 25% higher risk according to the latest study), is unclear. Likely factors range from its use as an appetite suppressant to the marketing tactics used by tobacco companies, which seem to be aiming more at the female smoker with slick packaging and menthol or ‘light’ brands.”  I was fascinated by this and decided to investigate further …..

The article is correct in so much as that women are more susceptible to harm from cigarette smoke than men.  This is backed up by research appearing on most of the respected medical websites around the globe all of whom quote another article this time in ‘The Lancet’ dated 11th August 2011 (the same article Dr Porter used in his article I suspect) entitled ‘Cigarette smoking as a risk factor for coronary heart disease in women compared with men: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies’ by Dr Rachel R Huxley DPHil and Mark Woodward PhD in which their interpretation of the research states ..

“Whether mechanisms underlying the sex difference in risk of coronary heart disease are biological or related to differences in smoking behaviour between men and women is unclear. Tobacco-control programmes should consider women, particularly in those countries where smoking among young women is increasing in prevalence.”

As Dr Porter said in his article, the reasons why women appear more susceptible are unclear, which makes his likely factors just as unclear making his smokescreen even smokier. However I totally agree with him that tobacco advertising needs to be monitored more closely and that tobacco companies should take full responsibility for their actions but I am convinced that if someone wants to smoke they will get their hands on a packet of cigarettes regardless of its shape, size or colour. In fact having talked to friends who smoke they always buy a favourite brand which they stick to and the next governing factor is price. Not a sexy looking packet.

Anyway whatever the reasons for starting smoking these will be stored away in the mind of the smoker – male or female.  It is vital then if we ever want to get people to stop smoking to first approach the mental side of the process and move the smoker to the position where they really WANT to stop smoking.  I repeat the point I made in my previous post, “why won’t more GP’s link up with Clinical Hypnotherapists to offer a more holistic approach to treatment especially in areas such as smoking and weight loss.”  These treatments get to the core of the issues whatever they may be, so come on Dr Porter, women may possibly be more susceptible, but more gullible, I think not – ask my wife!

You can read the full Lancet article mentioned above at

Ezine Articles – Important Changes That Could Affect You

One of the best sources of quality targeted traffic is Ezine Articles and getting your articles accepted there is certainly a great long term traffic strategy.

The reason is that Ezine Articles do monitor the quality of what is on their site.

This morning I received an e-mail from them with some new quite stringent changes which they claim is to further improve the quality of the articles on their site. These could well affect you if you use the service and you need to check out what has changed.

In summary:

  1. Doubled review time for more quality checks
  2. Will not accept submissions via WordPress Plugin and API tools
  3. Deadlinks will simply be removed after 2 weeks
  4. You must now achieve platinum standard after 10 articles – instead of 25
  5. New minimum 400 word count for articles.
  6. A new membership level will be introduced for 250 to 399 word length articles but this will require very high quality to be accepted.

To read more details and comments from users visit:

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