Why Does Inspiration Come When Your Mind Is Blank?

When do you get your “ah-ha” moments, your flashes of inspiration, your genius moments?

If you are like me they come when:

  • lolling in the bath
  • relaxing on a beach or in the garden
  • awaking from restful sleep
  • enjoying a carefree walk
  • in a trance during a self-hypnosis session

In other words when you are at your most relaxed and when seemingly your mind is not working hard up pops the answers to the questions that have been bugging you.

The title of this article is in fact slightly misleading as I should clarify which part of the mind I am talking about.

The concsious part of the brain is in fact not well equipped to solve problems.  It has to deal with your busy business, getting things done, dealing with interruptions, starting and re-starting projects or picking them up again where we last left off. Chaos, chaos and more chaos – you know – our daily hectic lifestyle we call living.

It is this concsious part of the brain that needs to be rested – given a break – told to not interfere.

Personally, I believe our insights come when we have given our minds time to stop and think, no forced answers at the conscious level.  Many is the time when I have  solved a problem by giving it to my subconscious mind, and letting go of conscious control. Given enough time, the answers come through, complete with all the details.

Lou Tice of The Pacific Institute in a recent e-mail wrote

“Insights seem to come at the strangest times for some of us. One of my staff swears she gets her best insights while brushing her teeth – something to do with the vibration of the electric toothbrush, or so she says.”

The point is that the important part of your mind – your subconscious  mind – is far from blank and is in fact busy analysing stored memories and experiences data to find solutions to questions you have asked it to solve when we finally let go of the daily turmoil and rest.

The very best tool that I have found though to problem solve was mentioned in my list above – Self-Hypnosis.

Since working with Adam Eason producing his products and websites I have discovered the power of self-hypnosis.  This is when you learn how to go into a safe controlled trance and deliberately hand over power to the subconscious mind – and rely on that internal computer to work its magic on your needs.  It never fails – as long as you trust it will work.

As I write it is raining so it must be holiday time here in the UK.  I will be going on my hols armed with Adam’ s Enhanced Creativity’  and other Mind Mastery Self-Hypnosis audio MP3s – so watch of for a totally inspired and fired up guy when I return.

Darn – my holiday is still 6 weeks away – maybe I’ll check out the tooth brushing theory.


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