Why Does Inspiration Come When Your Mind Is Blank?

When do you get your “ah-ha” moments, your flashes of inspiration, your genius moments?

If you are like me they come when:

  • lolling in the bath
  • relaxing on a beach or in the garden
  • awaking from restful sleep
  • enjoying a carefree walk
  • in a trance during a self-hypnosis session

In other words when you are at your most relaxed and when seemingly your mind is not working hard up pops the answers to the questions that have been bugging you.

The title of this article is in fact slightly misleading as I should clarify (more…)

Memories Of A Headteachers Daughter And Her Wiggly Bum

Some years ago now in my profile on Ecademy (internet business networking site) I wrote this:


Primary School, St Andrews, Halstead, Essex. Apologies to Jennifer (headmasters daughter) for sticking your plaits in the ink well so that it swung like a pendulum painting arcs on your shirt.

Earls Colne Grammar School All boys school, but I met my first girlfriend at that school – the headmasters daughter (what is this with headmasters daughters?)

Memories fascinate me and I really enjoy the discussions about the way our subconscious minds affect all we do, that take place on Adam Eason’s Members Forum.

I will expand on the story about Jennifer because any memory that can stay so vividly portrayed in my memory must have affected me over the years – the question that fascinates me is – How?