How Being Grumpy Can Be Creative

Those of you who are regular readers of my posts will know well enough that I am a positive and upbeat type of guy.  However like everyone here I do have my grumpy moments, I know it’s hard for you to believe but I do; in fact most Friday evenings I have a deliberate grump!

I enjoy meeting my mates down at our local watering hole ‘The Grasshopper,’ where over a pint or two (or three) we have a moan and a groan about our weeks events.  We call ourselves ‘The Grumpy Old Men’s Club’ and although you would normally associate grumpiness with negativity these weekly meetings often have a positive and creative outcome.

Each of us has a different attitude to life and we see and handle things in varying ways, so by sharing and having a banter about annoying things, big and small, we always end up having a laugh and very often come up with some creative solutions to the worlds problems (maybe that’s the alcohol, but it works!).

Recent topics have included: how to stop footballing cheats, dealing with customer help lines and how to get the best deals from them, stupid people on reality TV programmes, barking dogs, and of course the world economic situation.

Perhaps it’s not the act of being grumpy that really counts here, in fact it’s more likely to do with the positivity that comes from it.  Like any businessman worth his salt will tell you, creativity comes from sharing ideas, brainstorming and selecting the best of what is placed on the table, so if that can come from a grumpy evening out with my mates over a few beers, so be it – Cheers!

Why Does Inspiration Come When Your Mind Is Blank?

When do you get your “ah-ha” moments, your flashes of inspiration, your genius moments?

If you are like me they come when:

  • lolling in the bath
  • relaxing on a beach or in the garden
  • awaking from restful sleep
  • enjoying a carefree walk
  • in a trance during a self-hypnosis session

In other words when you are at your most relaxed and when seemingly your mind is not working hard up pops the answers to the questions that have been bugging you.

The title of this article is in fact slightly misleading as I should clarify (more…)