Ezine Articles – Important Changes That Could Affect You

One of the best sources of quality targeted traffic is Ezine Articles and getting your articles accepted there is certainly a great long term traffic strategy.

The reason is that Ezine Articles do monitor the quality of what is on their site.

This morning I received an e-mail from them with some new quite stringent changes which they claim is to further improve the quality of the articles on their site. These could well affect you if you use the service and you need to check out what has changed.

In summary:

  1. Doubled review time for more quality checks
  2. Will not accept submissions via WordPress Plugin and API tools
  3. Deadlinks will simply be removed after 2 weeks
  4. You must now achieve platinum standard after 10 articles – instead of 25
  5. New minimum 400 word count for articles.
  6. A new membership level will be introduced for 250 to 399 word length articles but this will require very high quality to be accepted.

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