Let me tell you about Ed Dale, an Australian (guess he can’t help that) web thingy doer person. He and his team specialise in teaching web newbies how to make money on-line.

About a year ago I was a newcomer to a social media service called Twitter and feeling my way around and frankly not really understanding what it was all about. By chance I watched an Ed Dale YouTube video about Twitter and suddenly it all made sense. And so I went off to find more about this character.

Hey – what I found was good – very, VERY good.

Now I have been around the web since 1992 and have ran a company that has produced over 2000 websites so I know a thing or two about these so called experts/gurus/product launching/make millions in 5 minutes type of guys and gals. However Ed Dale is the real deal.

Yes of course there is a commercial side to what Ed does (and by the way I am going to point out one area that I think his team are failing in providing value for money further on) but his heart is in the right place and he genuinely provides solid up to date – and that is crucial – information that can be taken on board and acted upon.

So – why the title “Boy am I glad that Ed Dale came along”.

Well because….

but you need the background first.

Most of my Internet activity over the years has been directed at developing other people’s websites.

It was only about 3 years ago though that I decided it would be great to make money myself from an Internet presence.

I desperately DID NOT want it to be in the Internet Marketing of Internet Marketing skills field as it has been flogged to death. There are literally thousands of people driving traffic, outsmarting Google, building lists, syndicating articles and so on and on and on and on. It is frankly bewildering and you get stunned into non activity because you don’t know who is right and what is what! YUCK

But fortunately I had linked up with a guy called Adam Eason an absolutely top guy who is an expert in his field of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Here was my answer – I had a sort of niche – self-hypnosis products – a BIG niche because it covers a whole range of human behavioural needs.

We developed products together – downloadable MP3 self-hypnosis programmes – with a view to selling them on our own website. The website was the easy bit for me but of course the internet marketing side was also essential. We did all the right stuff, articles, podcasts, videos, and have steadily built a list and are selling on-line well.

Now onwards and upwards to the big time. This is when you want others on board.
Next stage of course – and where we are right now is getting affiliates on board and working on joint ventures.

The problem I recently have been facing though is that many people sign up as affiliates but with not a clue how they should go about it. The expectation is that I will teach them. I began to realise the futility of this though as the training needs to be on-going and constantly updated. What works today on the web probably won’t in 6 months time – you have to be prepared to constantly adapt and learn.

I have had stabs at teaching our affilites. If you search on this blog you will find articles aimed at our affiliates but they can only ever be superficial and a token gesture. I needed somewhere to refer these potential sellers of our great self-hypnosis products. Perfect products to sell on the web – BUT you have to know how to go about it.

Which gets me back nicely to Ed Dale.

This is what he does – he teaches anyone that wants to learn just how to go about making money on-line. I now have somewhere to send anyone who appears to be serious about learning the game. It is a complex thing and I get fed up of those who lure the unsuspecting in with false promises about making lots of money easily on the web. Yes you can make huge sums – but as in all things you have to learn how to do it – and that does take time and effort.

We have the perfect in demand products for those who do want to sell them – go and see Adam Eason’s store and work out in your own head if you think that these products would be in demand. Some of the products are in more specialist niche areas and those would be particularly good for anyone new to affiliate selling.

BUT – I say to you – do go and learn how to go about the process from an expert in the field. I thoroughly recommend Ed Dale – despite his Aussie drawl of a voice. I love the guy – love his humour – and certainly hope to meet him some day.

You can start by taking – absolutely free – his ‘Thirty Day Challenge’ put together last August by himself and his team including among others Dan Raine and Rob (Gurubob) More recently he has started a Membership Site Thirty Day Challenge Plus which is excellent value for money and as you can see I have a banner link to that at the bottom of this article.

[One word of warning – and I am sure that Dan Raine (I like you really Dan) will not thank me for this, but I speak as I find.
Ed Dale’s team also run another membership site spearheaded by Dan called “The Edge” which is about the cutting edge of the technology – ‘tomorrows trend today’ sort of thing. Well I joined – but at $97 per month I did not feel it was value for money. Whether my timing was bad as it seemed to be going through some sort of transition itself – I don’t know – but I was disappointed. There did seem to be half baked projects which had obviously been started with some enthusiasm but not carried through etc.]

Anyway I shouldn’t end on a negative note as that is not like me at all.

So go check Ed Dale out – plenty of YouTube videos to be found and you even get to meet his daughter in some of them – agggghhh! – she is beautiful.