McAfee Siteadvisor – Help – Is This Legal?

Well here is a rant today.  If you chance to spy this page and you have some legal knowledge I would be really grateful to hear from you about the legality of the behaviour and action of McAfee.

One of the hundreds of websites I have built over the years is for my friend and business partner Adam Eason.

Here is the website – BUT BE WARNED – if you are using McAfee protection you will get a grim warning about going there – 

We have recently been receiving reports from some of our regular website visitors and newsletter mailing list that they are getting stark warnings about the safety of our website.  The common thread was that they are using McAfee software for their computer protection.  Nobody in our team uses McAfee (and after this never will) and we would have remained blissfully unaware unless we had been informed by our visitor friends.

Here is a typical message I received only yesterday:


This is the equivalent to Tesco or Asda standing outside a small corner shop with placards saying “Don’t Shop Here – The Food Is Contaminated”

McAfee at no stage had the decency to try to get in touch with us and let us know that they were planning to take this action and more importantly why.

I frankly haven’t a clue what the issue is and I have been in the website building business since 1992.  Neither Norton or AVG flag up any problems.

So – off to McAfee site to try to find out.

Putting in into their site checking system Siteadvisor – this is what I got.


McAfee dire warning about Adam Eason's website
McAfee dire warning about Adam Eason's website

You know something – if I didn’t know better – I wouldn’t go there.  Very dodgy!!

How is it that they are allowed to do that without letting us know?  I just don’t get it.

I tried to then verify myself as the website owner and failed miserably – yet another story which I may relate some time.  As I couldn’t verify myself as the owner I couldn’t leave a comment.  I am not too sure what I would have said though as it would have simply been something like “I haven’t a clue what they are talking about”.

The problem is that I still do not know what is wrong and therefore have no chance of putting it right.

I contacted our hosting site Hostgator.  The service there was absolutely excellent.  I was able to live chat with a company representative – who passed on my problem to their technical team and within an hour had this reply.

Reply about McAfee issue from Hostgator
Reply about McAfee issue from Hostgator

I have requested through McAfees help system for further information of course.  But again they inform that all correspondence is via e-mail and usually takes up to a week to resolve.  That is just not good enough the harm is being done now – and every day.

So I just have to wait for McAfee in their own good time to let me know, that only they seem to know – what exactly is wrong with my website.

Meanwhile the legitimate traffic we should be getting to our site is being directed away.

Thank you McAfee!

Sorry I don’t usually do sarcastic remarks.

Seriously – if anyone can throw some light on the legality of this behaviour by McAfee I would be keen to know.



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