McAfee Siteadvisor – Help – Is This Legal?

Well here is a rant today.  If you chance to spy this page and you have some legal knowledge I would be really grateful to hear from you about the legality of the behaviour and action of McAfee.

One of the hundreds of websites I have built over the years is for my friend and business partner Adam Eason.

Here is the website – BUT BE WARNED – if you are using McAfee protection you will get a grim warning about going there –  (more…)

Is Hostgator Just As Bad As The Hackers?

Hostgator – bless them – suspended this blog – this very site – once again. 


Well I have been sending phishing messages.   As if I would do that from a personal blog deliberately.

Why would I?  It is my blog and I care about this.

Am I being naive in thinking that Hostgator shares some responsibility for protecting me from this.  I am a client, a paying client and the answer to someone attacking my site is for them to say that I am a security risk and take my site down.