Hostgator – bless them – suspended this blog – this very site – once again. 


Well I have been sending phishing messages.   As if I would do that from a personal blog deliberately.

Why would I?  It is my blog and I care about this.

Am I being naive in thinking that Hostgator shares some responsibility for protecting me from this.  I am a client, a paying client and the answer to someone attacking my site is for them to say that I am a security risk and take my site down.

I have a very secure password, an up to date wordpress release, up to date plugins that I use on other sites.   Aaaaagggghhh!!!

Can anyone tell me how I can track and find out the source of this continual nuisance.  The problem is that Hostgator staff remove the phishing site but don’t seem to try to track the source.  Surely this should be trackable by the large ISPs – I just don’t understand why they can’t stamp this out.

Can anyone tell me – is Hostgator particularly vulnerable – I have had hundreds of client sites for years without anything like this happening.  This is happening so frequently on this one URL and I am really baffled.

My whole message seems to be a string of questions – but that is because I AM puzzled.

Also cross that I am being blamed by Hostgator.

Maybe I missed the announcement of “Blame The Customer Week”