Self-Hypnosis – Affiliate Action Mindset

Self-Hypnosis – Affiliate Action Mindset

Affiliate Action Mindset for 2017 – Self-Hypnosis products for therapeutic gain referral program.

Action Mindset – There it is – a new year resolution.

A new direction – which needs different thinking!

Do you know what I am doing?
I am creating my action mindset when starting a large venture – (more of that below)  – new good habits.  (For example can I keep this blog going daily??)

ACTION is the most amazing thing and I have been learning from an expert.

I am emulating Babs (my wife) who can plan to the last detail.

For example:
We have a motorhome and we both make a decision which is that we will go for a three weeks tour around Spain in October.  I hardly need lift another finger – Babs is away – she is at it – she IS IN THE ZONE.  Dates for holiday at work, Spanish lessons because we will be in interior away from tourist routes.  Maps – large ones – all over the floor. Discussion with friends who can advise about good motorhome camp-sites – cheapest ferries – internet access on route – and so on.

Babs loves it – the planning and activity around the whole thing is as good as the doing.  When we set off – I just get into the motorhome and the sat nav routes are all there – I love every bit of the outcome – BUT I usually have missed the build up.  I think I am actually missing something there.

Now I have a chance to achieve a similar zonal action mindset with all that i want to get out of our new referral affiliate program.

So what are we up to at ‘Adam Towers’.  Why do we need this Action Mindset.

We now need the same sort of level of planning and developing of our marketing plans for our college courses AND our therapeutic self-hypnosis products.  It is all very fine having some great courses and products – but people need to know they are there.

For some three years now we have been setting up our College of Hypnosis with all of the courses, webinars, seminars etc.  BUT as well – we have been videoing every course including four new Continuing Professional Development online programs.  The work has been heavy and we have had very little time to promote and market fully.

During those three years we have not really marketed our audio products at all.  They are evergreen audios and videos and they have continued to sell to anyone that comes across them BUT …. well – could do better!!  AND we have some new audios to add.

I love marketing so…

Now we have all the courses set up this is the year to beat our drums and make a noise – and it is going to be fun and exciting.

We have options of course: DO we use Adwords and Facebook to advertise?
Well it can work especially to find people for our courses – BUT the audio and video products need a different approach.

The products side really excites me because there are millions (NO — billions!! ) of people who can get help with so many issues.   We have audios and videos that can help so many people – I am not going to go on because that is just selling.

We can promote the products in adverts or blog posts like this – but that is so limited – and in my case not totally believable as I helped to put the products together.

  • I am bound to say they are good.
  • The same would happen if Adam sang his own product praises.

What we need is YOU as long as you are enthusiastic and are keen to make some money.

NO – what we need is you – come and join us.  Word of Mouth marketing is much better than advertising.

The thing is though that selling as an affiliate is a learned skill. For example – you want to be able to sell without appearing to sell.  I know – all will be explained.

There are NO interviews – NOTHING in your way.

I will be sending out videos to help you along.  The ACTION required will be between 30 minutes and and hour daily.  So you watch the video and take the next step forward.

If you we teach you well – you will get 50% of the purchase price of each product – which means we get 50%.
Furthermore – you get recognised for any further purchases from that customer for the next 3 years.

WIN WIN – so we want you to do well.

My New Year Invite to you.  Sign Up at

Once you are signed up you will get all of my training information weekly.

Nepotism – 16 Year Old Lad With Great Eye For Image

Nepotism – 16 Year Old Lad With Great Eye For Image

There have been plenty of press this week about Brooklyn Beckham (BB – that was Brigitte Bardot’s famous initials in my youth).  He is sixteen years old and has been hired by Burberry as photographer of their latest fragrance range.  Sixteen – he should be the tea boy on the staff.

Some pretty top class photographers are getting ‘snappy’ about all of this.  Chris Floyd was ranting in the Guardian about the crassness of it all and initmating that it is very demeaning to professionally trained photographs.

The reason for the move by Burberry was simply financial as the parents of BB are David Beckham and Posh.  David had in an interview about a month ago had intimated that his son was interested in photography.  The point is it was about fashion, and the shark like opportunism of the advertising world.

What was interesting was the word Nepotism that crept into newspaper headlines, twits and other social media sites.

A strange word is nepotism.  The term comes from Italian word nepotismo which is based on Latin root nepos, meaning nephew or grandson

Some Catholic popes and bishops, who had taken vows of chastity and therefore usually had no legitimate offspring of their own, gave their nephews such positions of preference.  In the Borgia family in order to continue a papal dynasty Pope Calistus III made two of his nephews cardinals.

Now here is an opportunity for a Pope to get a bit of kudos.  What next for BB – even bigger things maybe by the time he is 18.



Why Does Aweber Take So Much Notice Of Complaints?

I use Aweber as my mailing list handler and there is much I like and can commend about their service – however I have a couple of gripes that I have been raising with them and wondered whether anyone else has similar views.  I will highlight one grievance today and follow up tomorrow with my second.

I would so welcome any feedback.

Yesterday evening I sent out to one of our smaller lists (more…)

Is Valentine’s Day All About Love?

Yes, of course it is!

Love of card sales. And actually, sales of almost anything else you can imagine!

Try booking a table for two in a popular restaurant, especially if Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, a Saturday or, like this year, a Sunday. You can find special Valentine screenings of Love Story or some other appropriately sentimental melodrama. Our local chocolate shop is full of it – and hopes to be empty of it I suppose come next Monday. The kiddies’ clothes shop idem ditto although the relevance eludes me. The trendy silver jewellery shop has gone absolutely heart-shaped; cardiac I suppose you could say.


McAfee Siteadvisor – Help – Is This Legal?

Well here is a rant today.  If you chance to spy this page and you have some legal knowledge I would be really grateful to hear from you about the legality of the behaviour and action of McAfee.

One of the hundreds of websites I have built over the years is for my friend and business partner Adam Eason.

Here is the website – BUT BE WARNED – if you are using McAfee protection you will get a grim warning about going there –  (more…)

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