Positive Peter Jones – Thank Goodness For Entrepreneurs

Ok lets look at the last few days since I posted – basically saying – the only positive people you can meet these days are true entrepreneurs.  As if to prove me right – up pops a leading UK business entrepreneur on our screens.  Like a breath of fresh air Peter Jones of Dragon’s Den fame appeared on the BBC Breakfast programme this morning with a great positive attitude and message about the global financial situation. 

Good for him. 

Such sense from this leading business entrepreneur Peter. 

He basically was saying that – yes of course there are difficulties at the moment for businesses who are after credit to develop their plans – but for the average man in the street the news is good.  For businesses to flourish you need that confidence in the normal consumer to buy – otherwise everything grinds to a halt.  The government has done the right thing by guaranteeing bank savings up to £50,000 (if you have more than that then you need to split them up between banks – agghh!) and interest rates are likely to come down now – and many goods will now be cheaper.  He went on to say that he is spending and investing as heavily as he normally does because it will turn round – it is only a matter of confidence returning – as it inevitably will.

How ridiculous is all this that economies and the future of good major businesses can be thrown into such utter turmoil because speculators can inject so much fear and lack of confidence just by continuously pouring out negative messages.  As I write (I had to check as the markets could have changed by billions of dollars since I started to write –  SCREAM – such stupidity) after half an hour of trading this morning the London SE was showing a 2.7% rise – but while I have been writing has dropped back below the opening position.  In amongst all this there will be short term idiots playing around with the volatilaty making a fast buck – with absolutely no concern about the effect they are having on the overall economy.

The people who caused all this in the first place – the bankers and financial institutions and of course the media which thrives on negativity – seem hell bent in continuing to talk everything down into full blown recession with high unemployment.

I can rant a much as I want but that is not going to change a bean.  All I can say to anyone that cares to listen is to ignore what doesn’t affect you directly.  Always in any situation take charge of what you can control.  Also look for the positive side of any situation.  I am going to meet with a friend this afternoon who has just been made redundant.  Far from seeing that as negative he is already embarking on learning some new skills and moving into an area that is far less troubled by the chance of redundancy.

So – thank you Peter for an upbeat message this morning on TV.

Interestingly – the other person who I have heard speaking in a positive manner about the economic situation since I last wrote is Duncan Ballantyne, another Dragon Den entrepreneur. 






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