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  • Why You Should Pursue Happiness TODAY – NOW!

    I was talking to a friend yesterday who is going through a lot of stress and she basically was telling me how unhappy she felt. I noticed that she kept referring to when this happens I will be… If that happens I will be… In other words happiness would happen at some time in the future given certain conditions. As I was talking to her I recalled that I had a book on the subject that had helped me enormously when I was going through a similar period myself. […]

  • Strange – We Love Positive People And Yet Consume Negative Media

    My wife Barbara is a Health Visitor and some time ago attended a series of NHS training sessions given by a guy called Chris Croft. As a result I often see laying around the house printouts from the his newsletter which I always find fascinating reading. Now – I don’t know Chris (if you don’t count seeing him playing in a group once) but I feel as though I do.

  • Positive Peter Jones – Thank Goodness For Entrepreneurs

    Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Peter Jones appears on BBC Breakfast with an upbeat message about the economy. A breath of positive fresh air among all the gloom mongers who are talking the market into a worse state. Oh for more smart people like this around…