When Hypnotism Doesn’t Work …

I was introduced to a young fella in the pub last night and I was surprised to find that he he knew of me through my web work.  “Oh yeah – I know you” he began ” You’re the guy who does the website for that Hypnotist geezer – er – what’s his name – er – Adam Eastham or summat”

“Adam Eason” – I corrected – “and yes I do look after his website and product sales”

“Yeah – that’s how I know of you mate – my wife used his weight loss CDs”

“Oh and did it work?” 

“Well she lost weight – so suppose it did” he said less than enthusiastically and then continued with his winsome charm shining through”Myself I think it’s a load of b******ks – you don’t believe in all that twaddle do you?”

Taken aback by the mixed messages I felt obliged to pursue the matter but with some reluctance.

“Well of course I do – I wouldn’t get so involved in promoting something I didn’t beleive in.  – Why do you have such a downer on hypnotism when it worked for your wife?”

“Well that’s women for you – it didn’t work for my mate Rob – he reckons it is rubbish”

He then told me about how his wife had been talking to Rob’s wife about how the hypnotic CDs had worked for her weight loss.  As a result Rob’s wife bought ‘Stop Smoking in 7 Days’ for her husband as she wanted him to stop smoking.

I asked one final question – suspecting that I knew the answer.  “Did Rob really want to give up smoking?”

“No it’s just his wife – she kept nagging him to try the hypnosis CD – he told her it wouldn’t work but that he would prove it by listening”

I foolishly tried to explain that you have to personally want some change in behaviour for hypnosis to work.

It was all in vain – I was at least 2 pints too late!



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