Self-Hypnosis, A Tooth Extraction And Parking Ticket

I had quite a surprising and amazing experience last week. This is a story I know Adam Eason will be interested in.

I have helped produce a lot of Adam’s products (MP3 Self-Hypnosis Audio downloads) and set them up on his website. As a result – despite no knowledge of self-hypnosis originally I got to try out and learn about many of his products and behavioural change techniques. Notably I used what I had learned from his “Secrets Of Self Hypnosis Masterclass” to write my own script to overcome a problem with excessive armpit sweating. It was horrible and much to my relief and also I may add for my family and friends it worked a treat.

Now last week for my sins – probably eating too many sticky things in the past – I was in the dentist’s chair for a tooth extraction. I have been to the same dentist for years and have always had wonderful pain free experiences. She is lovely and a genius at the one sided conversations that ensue while you lie speechless with a mouth full of gadgetry. So it was a great surprise to me – and as far as I could ascertain to her – when the anaesthetic failed to do the biz. Oh yes the side of my face was very numb – but the ‘are your lips feeling numb’ test failed. A tentative pull at the tooth produced the sort of pain I had never experienced before. A further attempt to block the nerve was equally unsuccessful.

This is when it came into my head – goodness knows why it hadn’t before – to see if self-hypnosis could help. After all I had witnessed local anaethesia first hand when I made this video at one of Adam’s seminar weekends.

There was a problem however – I knew how to get into a hypnotic trance but I had never tried out Adam’s “Pain Release” product. I had enough knowledge though to know what suggestions to put into my mind once in a trance. I didn’t even tell the dentist what I was going to do – I just said I wanted her to have another go after about a minute. I was able to get myself into a satisfactory level of trance in a few seconds (this was no problem as I have done that countless times) and with the right suggestions to myself – I waited for the dentist to have another go. I will not say that the extraction was pain free – but to my amazement given my lack of preparation – the change was phenomenal. Went from level 10 pain to level 3 – quite tolerable.

The skeptics among you will say the anaesthetic had worked by then. Not so – my lips had remained sensitive to touch as normal. I was really impressed.   I now honestly believe that I could have a tooth extraction without any anaesthesia.  I value my remaining teeth too much to go out and prove it before I have to though.

OK, quite an experience and although it had all taken longer than expected, I left with a smug smile on my face which was quickly wiped away when I discovered that a local Traffic Warden had decided I had overstayed my welcome on my parking space.  Aaagghhh the pain!


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