Hypnosis And A Weight Off My Mind

Keith aged about 40
Me aged about 40
– just before it went
pear shaped – literally

Once upon a time ….

And then I hit forty and the weight piled on.

This is the article that for some time now I hoped I would be able to write  – but I delayed until I was 100 percent sure that things wouldn’t slip again – and the old yo-yo up and down weight thingy would not take over once again. 

But I know, I know, I know.!!

I know for sure,

I know my life has changed for ever. 

I know I have my weight under control and it is all thanks to using self-hypnosis.

I can’t claim any dramatic huge reductions in weight but things have steadily but surely moved in the right direction – and the big bonus I am taking regular exercise and enjoying it.

How do I know it is a permanent fix? – well because there is a fundamental difference in the way I approach food and in particular snacking.  And I don’t feel deprived. 

When I look back I can understand now how my subconscious was trained to believe all the wrong things – Until I was about forty I never had an ounce of extra weight – mean and lean – that was me.  I often boasted that I could eat and drink as much as I liked and stay as thin as air – and boy could I drink (another story) – boy Twiggy hits the town!

Then whatever happens to you at forty – happened to me.  Life begins again at forty it’s rumored – and it certainly did for me.  I had to learn to live within a totally different body that disobeyed all the old rules. 

And so the diets began – one after the other – all of them an obsession for a while – awful to stick to – and you know the rest – the cycle just went on and on except that each time it got harder to achieve the loss in the first place and easier to get to new levels of obesity when finished.  It was like progressing from kiddies roundabouts to Giant Roller Coasters.

Scream!!! This had to stop.

I was determined to turn my
life around. I decided to change my lifestyle and eating habits. 

began to study many areas of health and nutrition, but what fascinated
me the most was the power of the mind.  It was really a coincidence that around the same time that I was looking into this mind stuff I worked on a website for a new client Adam Eason a clinical hypnotherapist.

Our business relationship grew and Adam produced several products with my web teams technical assistance, and I gradually took on board what Adam was driving at with his mind techniques and hypnosis.  We continued our joint enterprise selling Adam’s products.

Although I had access to all of Adam’s  products I used several of his other programmes before moving onto the 6 CD set ‘Think Yourself Thin’.  It was almost as if I was worried about trying this product for fear of failure.  You see  – if the programme had not worked I would have been in the position where I was selling and marketing products I didn’t really believe in.

The key
to success for all of Adam’s products is learning to access the subconscious mind, and
for many people, that’s the key to breaking old patterns that fuel bad

Just think about the instructions I had been giving my subconscious for 40 years – you can eat what you like – you can drink as much as you want – you don’t need to exercise – it doesn’t make any difference.

My greatest discovery is that there is a deeper power inside us that’s available to help us make the changes we want.

a conscious level, we already know we have to eat less
and exercise more in order to lose weight.   The real issue is, how do we get
motivated to do that without feeling deprived? Hypnosis is a wonderfully powerful
tool to help us change on the inside.

When we change on the inside, the outer changes happen naturally.

obstacles to success have nothing to do with the rational, logical part
of the mind.  The are to be found in the subconscious, which
is nothing more than a computer that’s running on programming. It
doesn’t stop to evaluate whether the programming makes sense. It’s just
operating automatically.

We need to change the way we think
about food.  When we change the way we think about food, our
behaviour changes naturally, and the great thing is that it doesn’t have to be a struggle.  I no longer open the fridge every time I go by it.   I don’t know how that happened it just has.

You can find out all about Adam’s approach to all this and how his programmes work by visiting his website.  Maybe weight isn’t your problem and something else is.  The process of hypnosis is just the same – teaching the subconscious new things and letting that part of your brain just get on with delivering your new instructions on how to behave on AUTOMATIC CRUISE CONTROL.

Hypnosis was the best discovery of my life and I want everyone to learn the power of this amazing and easy to use tool.  

I feel so confident about all this self-hypnosis stuff now that promoting it and marketing it is a passion – so I needn’t have worried about using ‘Think Yourself Thin’ – I should have done it before.

Perhaps I will be brave enough to have my photo taken dressed as above on the beach this summer.  It will be the first time for many years.


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